ABS Plastic/LEGO Materials V2

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Photorealistic ABS Plastic Materials for Cycles

Designed with the classic LEGO® brick in mind, these premium ABS plastic materials are perfect for any brick or other plastic toy render. The materials are physically accurate down to the scratches, dust, and fingerprints, and look great in any lighting condition.

Easily Customizable

If you want to make adjustments to the materials, there are plenty of exposed parameters for you to tune to your needs. Adjust color randomness, roughness (mix 2 roughness values), reflectivity, fingerprints and  dust, scratches, and much more. Creating your own ABS Plastic colors is as easy as changing the diffuse color!

NEW in Version 2.0 – The materials ship with an addon adding sliders to the Material settings menu, allowing you to control the amount of subsurface scattering, reflection, fingerprints/dust, and scratches/bumps for all of the materials at once.

Works Seamlessly with Bricker

We're proud of our work on Bricker – an addon for blender that converts any 3D mesh, animation, or simulation into a 3D brick sculpture/simulation – and we want to provide the most efficient workflow for turning those into awesome 3D renders in cycles. So, naturally, we designed this plugin to work seamlessly within the Bricker interface. If the materials aren't already imported into your project, you'll find a handy 'Import' button right where you need it in the materials tab in Bricker!

Includes LEGO Color Palette

ABS Plastic materials comes packed with 36 materials based on the official LEGO molding color palette. Every common brick color is included, along with special/rare colors including Gold, Bright Light Orange, and Trans-Reddish Orange. If the color you need isn't included, simply create your own by changing the diffuse color and tuning the exposed parameters to your liking!

See the full list of included colors below:

Change Log

Version 2.0 – 5/28/18

  • Completely redesigned materials with dozens of improvements:
    • Proper roughness and fresnel for added realism
    • Redesigned bump and specular maps with real fingerprints and dust
    • Improved node tree organization with a much cleaner interface
    • Scratches, bumps, and brick colors are now procedurally generated
    • Reduced memory usage by 10X (yep, that's 1000% less memory used)
    • Tested and tweaked every value to achieve perfect photorealism 
  • New controls in Materials > ABS Plastic Materials tab for controlling amount reflection, subsurface scattering, fingerprints/dust, and bumps/scratches for all materials
  • Imported materials are now saved as data-blocks automatically so that they're available every time you open your project (this can be disabled with a check box in the ABS Plastic Materials tab)

Version 1.1.2

  • Bug fixes (some diffuse and specular maps were missing).

Version 1.1.1

  • Auto-updater added for convenient updating within blender's interface!
  • Added 'Replace Existing' option in user preferences for overwriting existing files in blender project

Version 1.1.0

  • Added 11 new colors!
    • Bright Light Orange
    • Dark Brown
    • Dark Tan
    • Sand Blue
    • Sand Green
    • Silver
    • Trans-Clear
    • Trans-Yellowish Clear
    • Trans-Light Blue
    • Trans-Orange
    • Trans-Reddish Orange
  • Improved support for Rebrickr
  • Various fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0 - initial release


  • To import the ABS Plastic Materials into your project, open up Material settings in the Properties window and click 'Import ABS Plastic Materials'.
  • Control the amount of subsurface scattering, reflection, fingerprints, dust, and scratches for all ABS Plastic materials using the sliders found in the Material > ABS Plastic Materials tab.
  • Adjust ABS Plastic Materials individually from the material properties window (see node documentation below)
  • To make adjustments to the default materials:
    • Navigate to the Bricker folder in your Blender Addons directory
      (e.g. ~/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.78c/scripts/addons/bricker)
    • Open 'abs-plastic-materials.blend'
    • Make your desired adjustments to the node trees and save the file.
  • NOTE: The ABS Plastic Materials nomenclature is based on the 'Common Names' outlined here from the official LEGO color palette.

'ABS Dialectric' Node:

  • Diffuse Color Color of the diffuse material
  • Gold Tint Only useful if you wish to add a gold tint the reflection
  • Rough 1 – Roughness value for the reflection
  • Rough 2 – Additional roughness value for the reflection
  • Rough Mix – Amount to mix 'Rough 2' with 'Rough 1'
  • Reflection – Reflectivity of the plastic material
  • Speckle – Strength of speckle effect in material's reflection (controls amount of noise in reflection map)
  • Fingerprints – Amount of fingerprints and dust to add to the material (be sure your model is UV unwrapped so these details show up!)
  • SSS Color – The color of the Subsurface Scattering effect
  • SSS Amount – Strength of the Subsurface Scattering effect
  • Normal – Link a custom bump map to this input if desired
  • Vector – The 'Texture Scale' node must be linked to this input for the fingerprints, dust, and other details to show up
  • SSS Default – This value is used by the ABS Plastic Materials plugin for universally adjusting the SSS amount, so you can leave this alone.

'ABS Transparent' Node:

  • Color Color of the transparent material
  • Rough 1 – Roughness value for the reflection
  • Rough 2 – Additional roughness value for the reflection
  • Rough Mix – Amount to mix 'Rough 2' with 'Rough 1'
  • Reflection – Reflectivity of the plastic material
  • Fingerprints – Amount of fingerprints and dust to add to the material (be sure your model is UV unwrapped so these details show up!)
  • Absorption – Amount of light absorbed by the material (deepens the color)
  • Normal – Link a custom bump map to this input if desired
  • Vector – The 'Texture Scale' node must be linked to this input for the fingerprints, dust, and other details to show up

'ABS Bump' Node:

  • Noise – Controls amount of noise in displacement map for added surface roughness
  • Waves Controls amount of waviness in displacement map for uneven surfaces
  • Scratches – Controls amount of procedural scratches in displacement map
  • Fingerprints – Raises fingerprint and dust details from the surface
  • Vector – The 'Texture Scale' node must be linked to this input for the node to affect the surface of your object(s)

'Texture Scale' Node:

  • Scale Scale of the UV map (inversely affects scale of fingerprints, dust, scratches, and other details on your UV-unwrapped objects)
  • Vector – A UV map node must be linked to this input for the fingerprints, dust, scratches, and other details to show up

Installation (credit: CG Cookie):

  • You can download ABS Plastic Materials from your account dashboard on the Blender Market, assuming you’ve already purchased it.
  • The easiest way to install ABS Plastic Materials is to do so directly from Blender. You can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File. This will open a File Browser in Blender, allowing to you navigate to and select the .zip file you downloaded. Press Install from file.
  • If your browser auto-extracted the downloaded .zip file then you will need to re-compress the ABS Plastic Materials folder before installing.
  • Once installed, Blender should automatically filter the addons list to show only ABS Plastic Materials. You can then enable the add-on by clicking the checkbox on the upper right of the add-on panel.
How can I reach the developer for support?

Please, don't hesitate to send an email ([email protected]) or private message from your inbox (https://blendermarket.com/inbox) if you've encountered an issue, need help using the add-on, wish to submit a feature request, or for any other reason. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Does Bricker support OSX and Linux?

Absolutely! The ABS Plastic Materials work like a charm on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux alike.

Is ABS Plastic Materials compatible with Blender 2.8?

ABS Plastic Materials is not yet compatible with Blender 2.8, but we will work on it when the beta version is released by the Blender development team!

Will there be free updates?

All updates are free! ABS Plastic Materials is frequently updated with additional colors and other features, so keep your eye out!

How do I get the newest version of ABS Plastic Materials?

The easiest way is to Log In to the BlenderMarket, go to your Account, then under the Orders tab you should see ABS Plastic Materials in the list, which should have a link on the right-hand side to download the newest version. If you are on a PC or Linux system, you can also update via the addon preferences for Bricker within Blender (Addon updater coming to Mac OS in Blender 2.8).

How do I create my own ABS Plastic color?

Navigate to the Material Properties menu, choose an ABS plastic color similar to the one you wish to create, and click the plus symbol next to its name to create a duplicate of the material. Now all you have to do is change the diffuse color, and tune any other parameters to achieve the look you're going for!

Why do the transparent bricks look so dark?

Transparent bricks distort light rays as they pass through, and in real life those distortions cause reflective and refractive caustics to illuminate surrounding objects. In Blender, this effect can be enabled in Render > Light Paths > Reflective/Refractive Caustics. If they still seem dark, you may need to turn up the number of light bounces for Transparency and Transmission.

Why aren't the fingerprints, dust and scratches showing up?

Dust and fingerprints can be controlled with the Fingerprints slider in the Materials > ABS Plastic Materials tab, and the scratches and bumps can be controlled with the Displacement slider. Make sure that your meshes are unwrapped in edit mode (3D Viewport > Mesh > UV Unwrap > Smart UV Project), and be sure to light the scene so that the bricks have specular highlights.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 3 ratings by the community.

  • Dave T about 1 month ago

    This add-on saves my time to adjust the colors. Good job Chris!

    • Christopher Gearhart about 1 month ago

      That’s great to hear; thanks for the review!

  • David 12 months ago

    I was testing these out with some other things I recently bought, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although they suck to view in the render view mode these actually render much faster than I expected and look very realistic! When I first saw it I was unsure because of the price, but it was well worth it, for the number of materials I got and the amount of realism they had. 10/10 would buy again! (waiting for V2 :D)
    Here is one of the renders I made when I was testing it out along with some other stuff I bought: https://ibb.co/j7pw2w

    • Christopher Gearhart 12 months ago

      Glad you like it d1a1v1e11!

  • lakeviewp1 about 1 year ago

    Remarkably accurate surface texture, sub-surface scattering, specular highlight reflectivity, and, of course, color. Particularly welcome is the clear plastic material! Finally! This is a wonderfully faithful material set for ABS plastic.

    • Christopher Gearhart 12 months ago

      Thanks for the great rating!

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