ABS Plastic/LEGO Materials

by Bricks Brought to Life in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Photorealistic ABS Plastic Materials for Cycles

Designed with the classic LEGO® brick in mind, these premium ABS plastic materials are perfect for any brick or other plastic toy render. The materials come with an addon that, once installed, will add a "Brick Materials" dropdown to the Cycles materials panel with a button for quickly importing the materials into Blender.

Works Seamlessly with Rebrickr

We're proud of our work on Rebrickr – an addon for blender that converts any 3D mesh, animation, or simulation into a 3D brick sculpture/simulation – and we want to provide the most efficient workflow for turning those into awesome 3D renders in cycles. So, naturally, we designed this plugin to work seamlessly within the Rebrickr interface. If the materials aren't already imported into your project, you'll find a handy 'Import' button right where you'd expect it under the materials tab in Rebrickr!


  1. ABS Plastic Black
  2. ABS Plastic Blue
  3. ABS Plastic Bright Green
  4. ABS Plastic Bright Light Orange
  5. ABS Plastic Brown
  6. ABS Plastic Dark Azur
  7. ABS Plastic Dark Brown
  8. ABS Plastic Dark Green
  9. ABS Plastic Dark Grey
  10. ABS Plastic Dark Red
  11. ABS Plastic Dark Tan
  12. ABS Plastic Gold
  13. ABS Plastic Green
  14. ABS Plastic Light Bluish Grey
  15. ABS Plastic Light Grey
  16. ABS Plastic Lime
  17. ABS Plastic Orange
  18. ABS Plastic Pink
  19. ABS Plastic Purple
  20. ABS Plastic Red
  21. ABS Plastic Sand Blue
  22. ABS Plastic Sand Green
  23. ABS Plastic Silver
  24. ABS Plastic Tan
  25. ABS Plastic Trans-Clear
  26. ABS Plastic Trans-Yellowish Clear
  27. ABS Plastic Trans-Light Blue
  28. ABS Plastic Trans-Blue
  29. ABS Plastic Trans-Clear
  30. ABS Plastic Trans-Light Green
  31. ABS Plastic Trans-Orange
  32. ABS Plastic Trans-Reddish Orange
  33. ABS Plastic Trans-Red
  34. ABS Plastic Trans-Yellow
  35. ABS Plastic White
  36. ABS Plastic Yellow

Change Log

Version 1.1.2

  • Bug fixes (some diffuse and specular maps were missing).

Version 1.1.1

  • Auto-updater added for convenient updating within blender's interface!
  • Added 'Replace Existing' option in user preferences for overwriting existing files in blender project

Version 1.1.0

  • Added 11 new colors!
    • ABS Plastic Bright Light Orange
    • ABS Plastic Dark Brown
    • ABS Plastic Dark Tan
    • ABS Plastic Sand Blue
    • ABS Plastic Sand Green
    • ABS Plastic Silver
    • ABS Plastic Trans-Clear
    • ABS Plastic Trans-Yellowish Clear
    • ABS Plastic Trans-Light Blue
    • ABS Plastic Trans-Orange
    • ABS Plastic Trans-Reddish Orange
  • Improved support for Rebrickr
  • Various fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0 - initial release

Installation (credit: CG Cookie):

  • You can download ABS Plastic Materials from your account dashboard on the Blender Market, assuming you’ve already purchased it.
  • The easiest way to install ABS Plastic Materials is to do so directly from Blender. You can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File. This will open a File Browser in Blender, allowing to you navigate to and select the .zip file you downloaded. Press Install from file.
  • If your browser auto-extracted the downloaded .zip file then you will need to re-compress the ABS Plastic Materials folder before installing.
  • Once installed, Blender should automatically filter the addons list to show only ABS Plastic Materials. You can then enable the add-on by clicking the checkbox on the upper right of the add-on panel.

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Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 2 ratings by the community.

  • D683f68a74e75d08a158783101b7f72b

    d1a1v1e11 4 months ago

    I was testing these out with some other things I recently bought, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although they suck to view in the render view mode these actually render much faster than I expected and look very realistic! When I first saw it I was unsure because of the price, but it was well worth it, for the number of materials I got and the amount of realism they had. 10/10 would buy again! (waiting for V2 :D)
    Here is one of the renders I made when I was testing it out along with some other stuff I bought: https://ibb.co/j7pw2w

    • 182dda1000c95088ab611151bb7c8ff8

      Christopher Gearhart 4 months ago

      Glad you like it d1a1v1e11!

  • 89034408b4cce2f36d75b1462fff3e42

    lakeviewp1 5 months ago

    Remarkably accurate surface texture, sub-surface scattering, specular highlight reflectivity, and, of course, color. Particularly welcome is the clear plastic material! Finally! This is a wonderfully faithful material set for ABS plastic.

    • 182dda1000c95088ab611151bb7c8ff8

      Christopher Gearhart 4 months ago

      Thanks for the great rating!

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