Above The Ocean Hdri Pack (20$ Instead Of 40$ Time Limited Launch Promo -50% Off)

by CG Choco in Render Setups

 Time Limited Launch Promo -50% off 20$ instead of 40$

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Create beautiful and realistic 3D renders in a few clicks. This pack contains 20 HDRI images. Creating environments with realistic clouds requires a lot of material resources and a lot of time. So we decided to create HDRI's for you to allow you to make 3D renderings with clouds without breaking the bank. These cloudy ocean HDRI's are easy to use, all you have to do is import them into your favorite 3d creation software and then use them as environment or lighting of your 3D models in the scene. This pack of realistic cloud above ocean HDRIs contains different moods and atmospheres to provide you with maximum possibility and creativity. The field of application is vast such as the rendering of boats, islands, flying superheroes, flying dragons, etc..


- CG Choco exclusive

- Photorealistic .EXR format HDRI maps

- 8k ultra high resolution

- Various ambiences and moods

-Various time of the day

-Various cloud types and coverage

-Cost effective