Bumarin For Sculptor (Blender 2.81)

by bumarin in Scripts and Addons


  • Under "Edit" select "Preferences".
  • Select the "Add-ons" tab on the left side of the Blender Preferences window 
  • then select "Install..." at the top of the window and choose bumarin.zip. 
  • A tab section named "Sculpting: Bumarin" appears 
  • To enable the addon check the checkbox. 
  • Save preferences at the bottom of window.
  • Close Blender Preferences windows
  • Go to View3D>Tools> Bumarin and Launch Bumarin


Sometimes if you are a Windows OS user, before launching Bumarin you must clean your scene. It means that you must have zero object in your scene except objects generated by Bumarin.

When you launch Bumarin your environment switches to Right Click select mode.

Documentation files and videos are include in the package and you can find on youtube some Bumarin tips here https://youtu.be/MxUEs0pb04E