Bumarin For Sculptor (Infinite Update)

by bumarin in Scripts and Addons

What is Bumarin?

Bumarin is an environment in which the user draws 3D mesh thanks to the grease pencil. The initial idea is based on the approach of traditional sculpture that from a set of clay pieces generates a unified sculpture. Bumarin thus proposes 7 pencils allowing to generate 3D pieces of clay, each pencil having its own specificity.

Why must you use Bumarin?

What you draw is what you sculpt (WYDIWYS).
Behind each grease pencil stroke there is an hidden 3D mesh and it only depends on you to reveal it with your creativity ... It's a totally new way of sculpting and concept sketching!

What is it made for?

Bumarin is useful for:

  • Sculpting, anatomy and organic modeling
  • Prototyping and concept sketching


  • 7 pencils: Claypencil, Tubepencil, Revpencil, Dynaclay, Dynatube, Sonic Bum and Leeloo

  • Parametric clays (adjust manually or through parameters your clays)

  • Instant array (multiple clays generation in one stroke with Sonic Bum)

  • Smart remeshing (remesh modifier or voxel remesh depending on the context)

  • Speed up sculpting workflow (3 times faster than a normal process in sculpt mode)

  • Better shape control (each clay is a shape you can edit easily as if it was a Mask)

  • Non destructive workflow with automated sculpt (Clay mode / Baked mode)

  • Multiple sculpture generation (select parts of your model you want to generate)

  • Create and share your own brushes

  • Transform your sculpt into brush

  • Free updates

Inside the package?

  • Bumarin addon
  • Documentation
  • ... and every updates are free for life!

Updates state
  • 08/19/2019 - First update of experimental version

Buttons added  for saving and exit Bumarin session or toggle to full screen. Now when you quit a session if you are a 'left click select' user every parameters are restored. Cursor positioning is now very accurate for each pencils.

  • 11/19/2019 - Last update of experimental version
  • 11/26/2019 - Full version release

-Bumarin 3D Clay pencils becomes Bumarin For Sculptor. 

- GUI is now contextual and dynamic

-The voxel remesher introduces into blender2.81 allows now clays unification.

-Dynatube is now customizable with the Sharpener.

-Instant array with Sonic Bum

  • 12/10/2019 - DynaClay update 

- Now if you use the Deform parameter on a clay generated by Dynaclay and remesh it with F11 or '<', the deformation is preserved.

- Sonic Bum works correctly with every clay generated by Dynaclay

  • 01/25/2020 - January 2020 update v0.0.2

-Drawing flow (LMB-RMB)
Once you have activated your pencil (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, or F6)

1-LMB to draw
2-RMB to generate clay
3-LMB to position cursor for the next stroke
4-RMB to activate draw

*multiple tube in one drawing

-Symetry / bisect activation in panel for each pencil
*Auto merging of clay with the central axis

*Contextual remeshing relative to the volume of the mesh
*Adaptative remeshing for sharp edges (Dynaclay and Dynatube)

-User Interface
*Bezier style control point for each predefined stroke shapes (line, arc, curve, box, circle)
*Background color of the user environment (color can be changed in the viewport shading) 

  • 02/21/2020 - February 2020 update v0.0.3

-New parameter factor for Tubepencil (fountain pen style stroke)

-Management of every paramaters of Dynaclay before drawing

-BUG fixes
 *Instant array (Sonic bum) is ok with geometric stroke

*Stylus is ok with freehand stroke in Dynaclay pencil mode

-Live decimate in panel for clay meshes

-New key to convert clay into symetrical mesh : '>'

-Documentation updated

  • 03/26/2020 - March 2020 update v0.0.4 for blender2.82

-batch remeshing (select bunch of clay and press <)

-BUG fixes: claypencil meshes are not dirty anymore

-7 pencils

-Sonic Bum usage is the same as others pencils now. 

-Leeloo is the new cross-section pencil (experimental)

-New GUI Panel (for Tablet PC users)

-Bumarin Pie menu

  • 06/04/2020 - June 2020 update v0.0.5 for blender2.83

-Leeloo full panel action is available

-UI and display optimisation (Gizmo display in Clay mode when DynaClay is activated, Stroke color visibility)

-Documentation updated

  • 09/01/2020 - September 2020 update v0.0.6 for blender2.90

-Spatial distribution of clays with the "Sonic clays" feature

-Management of thousands of clays with a new selection tool

-Multiple strokes to multiple clays in one shot (for Claypencil, Tubepencil and Leeloo)

-Quadriflow remesher integration

-Clay splitter and Joiner remesher

-Control of resolution of clays with Dynamic decimate

-Documentation updated

For more information you can contact me on facebook, visit my youtube channel or take a look at Bumarin basics.