50 Modeling Issues From Hell (In Blender)

by Creative Shrimp in Training

Can I have a refund?

Sure. Blender Market has a 30 day money back guarantee. Just shoot an email to [email protected] and ask for a refund.

Where can I get an invoice/receipt?

Login to your BlenderMarket account and go into Profile> My Account> Order History. There you’ll find the Receipt (PDF) button.

How to download the course from Blender Market?

Upon purchase you’ll be given download links. If you need to download at a later time then simply create an account with the same email used to purchase and the downloads will be available on your Account page: https://blendermarket.com/account  

What is the license of the .blend files? Can I use it in my own projects?

The .blend files contained in the course are released under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution. Feel free to use them in your projects.

I just started learning Blender, will I be able to do this?

This course is aimed at the intermediate skilled users, so we would recommend to have some basic understanding of Blender before enrolling in the course. A good free resource available to all can be found here… 

Blender Fundamentals 2.8

Will I need any other software, besides Blender?

No, the course is done 100% within Blender.

Where are the resources (.blend files, references)?

You'll find these in the project files zip folder.

I've deleted the email with the link. How to regain the access to the product on Blender Market?

Login to the Blender Market and visit your account page: https://blendermarket.com/account  

Why doesn’t the merge hotkey work?

Are you using 2.82a or before? Then you’ll need ‘Alt M’. 

Are you using 2.83 and above? Then you’ll need ‘M’. 

Is the course 2.8 ready?

Absolutely. 2.83 is the recommended version.

Do videos have subtitles?

Yes, all videos have subtitles (English), manually edited.

How to give the product as a gift?

The Blender Market can send you an invoice and then deliver the gift to any given email; in order to claim the gift the recipient will need to create an account with that same email.  

Where can I see the full list of Modeling Issues included?

We created a special Trello page with all tutorials categorized and listed (and going to keep it up to date).


I have a question, how can I contact you guys?
Should I use any video player in particular?

Everything has been tested using VLC, so while everything should play fine on all players, if in doubt give this awesome free player a try....


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