3d Hand-Paint Character Dwarf Tutorial And Project Files

by 3D Hand-Painted assets Game art in Training

With this tutorial I will take my last 7 years texturing knowledge in the video and try to explain it as best as I could, giving away all the knowledge regarding hand-paint texture in Blender. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Note: You need to download 3 zip files, Zbrush file version is 4R7. The other 2 tutorials zip files need to be put in the same folder to unzip

 The goal with this tutorial was to cover texturing part from what the job is, to what it's like and how to work with Blender.

What's included:

.Dwarf and Axes low poly and high poly models(copy right free, you can you use the model in your project, but dont resell it)

.Zbrush and Blender files

.2048 textures

.7 Chapters tutorials, including 1 hour texturing full workflow, handpainted textures techniques and Rendering in Keyshot.