32 Animals Base Meshes

by Base Mesh Store in Models

This offer are 32 animals of the 60 Base Meshes library.

32 Animals

  • 15 big Animals: Bufallo, Camel, Chimpanzae, Elephant, Deer, Crocodille, Deer, Giraffe, Gorilla, Horse, Kangaroo, Lion, Mammoth, Octopus, Pig, Rhino, Roster, Scorpion, Spider.

  • 12 Tiny mammals: Armadillo, Charmeleon, Crab, Fox, Frog, Pig, Pigeon, Rabit, Roster, Koala, Cat, Rat.

  • 5 Insects: Conch, Beetle, Spider, Scorpion, Centopede.

Your cares

Every base mesh was created following the guideline bellow: