193 Ikea Models - Volume 1

by Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems SL in Models

IKEA models - volume 1

The library is inspired on the IKEA 2012 catalog. I have used the real sizes and proportions to make this library useful. I made this library some years ago with Blender for Sweet Home 3D users, and I have been using those models myself to improve my workflow since. Now I have updated all the files to add detail to some of the meshes and  to get better materials for Cycles so I think you will find this library very useful to you.

What you get

  • 193 models
  • 2 scenes
  • 49 textures*
  • 1 PDF with the documentation

The library contains 90 unique models + 103 variations (colors and textures), and all of them are based on the real IKEA models that you could find on your IKEA local store. I have added 2 scenes to show how could you link or append some models to create new scenes quick and easily. As the list is a bit long I have added the thumbnails of all the models to the slider above. Please, use the arrows to navigate and you will find a quick view of all the models. Inside the zip you will find the PDF with the documentation too. There is a little tutorial inside to explain how to link or append the models of the library. *For the wall frames I have used 4 textures from pixabay.com, a nice site. They are licensed as Public Domain and to find them easily I have renamed the files with the suffix "from_pixabay"