10 Materials Pack #1 - Stone &Amp; Brick Walls

by bigmouse in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Package contains 10 different stone wall materials. Each material comes with a Color (AKA Diffuse) map and a Normal map, (packed into the .blend file). All textures are seamless/tileable. Images are high quality 2048x2048 px JPG files. Specularity (AKA Gloss) maps are generated from the Color maps using Saturation = 0 and 'Brightness-Contrast' adjustments. Suitable for both Cycles and Blender Internal Render engines – To switch between Cycles And BI simply toggle “Use Nodes” option on or off in the Material tab. The .blend file contains 3 different versions for each material – basic Wall, Wall with 'dirt' type 1 and wall with 'dirt' type 2. 2 Transparent .PNG images of typical dirt and leaks are included as well.