10 Contemporary Table Models Vol.01

by Chocofur Store in Models

Contemporary tables vol.01

Chocofur.com presents 10 modern table models for your architectural visualizations in Blender and Cycles. Providing only the best quality Blender assets, we're sure that our products will speed up your daily work and help bringing your renderings to a new level.

This model pack includes:

  • 10 high quality table models
  • subdivision ready geometry allowing you to increase level of detail by adding Subdivision Modifier
  • real life scale of all models
  • advanced Cycles shaders
  • .obj files
  • .jpg textures

Real life furniture pieces that were inspiration for our 3D models:

  • Chocofur_wood_05: inspired by Milking Stool & Table by UmProject
  • Chocofur_wood_15: inspired by Stubborn dining table by Kooyong Design
  • Chocofur_wood_23: inspired by Tub Collection by One Third
  • Chocofur_wood_31: inspired by Kant Desk by Moormann
  • Chocofur_steel_32: inspired by Travolo table by Magis
  • Chocofur_plastic_25: inspired by Y Table and Stool by Juhos Design Studio
  • Chocofur_plastic_34: inspired by Artu desk by Poltrona Frau
  • Chocofur_scandinavian_02: inspired by IKEA furniture
  • Chocofur_scandinavian_12: inspired by IKEA furniture
  • Chocofur_scandinavian_15: inspired by IKEA furniture

If you'd like to purchase singe models please visit our store at: store.chocofur.com