Food Stand Mixer, Artisan Kitchenaid Low-Poly 3d Model

by Patrick Zhiaran in Models

Kitchen Aid stand Mixer, fit for interior renders, is VR/AR ready, with a PBR workflow, or suitable as a game asset.

The model contains a Zip file, with:

  • Multiple color variations
  • 3 Versions for every file format: Beveled - suitable for subdivision and/or smooth shading, Unbeveled - intended as a background object, unsuitable for subdiv/ smooth shading but with a smaller amount of vertices, Subdivided - subdivided in advance;
  • Tailored textures with multiple resolutions (like 2K, 4K) for a PBR Metalness workflow, such as DIFFUSE/METALLIC/ROUGHNESS/NORMAL;
  • Both OpenGL and DirectX normal maps;
  • An additional preview scene with a camera, lights, and a background;
  • All model versions also have UV unwrapping and appropriate pivot/origin points;