Artistic Outliner

by Vasigrafix in Modifier Setups

Create outlines anywhere

With this geometry node setup, you can confidently create artistic outlines on any 3D object, achieving a drawing-like render. You have the freedom to use any 3D object and transform it into a printed image. The material is completely procedural, giving you full control over the final look.

Be creative

With bunch of settings to change you can change the lines to fit your style. Basic settings like thickness of lines, edge angle dependent lines or rounded edges are of course included. One significant advantage over the built-in Blender Grease Pencil is the ability to generate procedural textures for the lines and use textures as well.

Attention to detail

This node setup really shines when you are trying to imitate real analogue drawing. Procedurally generated textures give you maximum control over the appearance of lines. Even in close-ups or simple scenes, you can bring your renders to life.

Comfortable to work with

Because this node project outlines on camera rather than directly on geometry, you can look at your outlines whenever you need to. So your scene is always clean and easy to work with.

Advantages/Disadvantages over the Blender Grease Pencil


  • projecting to camera
  • More settings
  • Procedurally generated texture
  • Image texture (also color and adjustable scale)
  • more artistic result


  • Can be slower in some cases (larger scenes)
  • sometimes less accurate result (depends on model)
  • slightly longer initial setup


version 1.1

  • fixed wrong spelling on shader tab
  • added Ray Length
  • added masking objects

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