Summer Sale 2023 Recap

For this sale, we had an unprecedented 7000+ products that Blender Market Creators opted to include in the sale.  During the seven days of the 2023 Summer Sale 3,118 unique products were sold for a deal to 8,313 unique customers.   We almost doubled our customers with those dipping their toe in the Blender Market pool by grabbing the newly added free products on the market.  When we include those counts, the number of unique customers soars to 14,037

Thanks to all the customers who chose to purchase their Blender goodies from Blender Market and the Creators who generously donate a portion of their earnings to the Blender Development Fund, we were able to gather $6,714.28 to donate to the continued development of Blender.

In the spirit of transparency, we share our sale data with all of you.  

These numbers reflect only the 7 days of the Summer Sale, August 21 - 27, 2023

* Gross merchandise value: $464,689.18

* Creator earnings: $366,088.69

* Affiliate earnings: $25,688.28

* Total refunded revenue: $1,604.62

* Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $6,714.28

* Blender Market gross revenue: $66,197.93

* Total products sold (excluding free): 22,268

* Total orders (excluding free): 11,414

* Unique customers: (with free), (without free): 14,037 / 8,313

* Unique products sold (excluding free), (with free): 3,118 / 3,175

* Average order amount (free excluded): $40.71

Thank you for helping Blender, Blender Market and Blender Creators thrive.

🧡 - The Blender Market Team


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