Giving Month: July 2020

Since the launch of Blender Market, our community has supported Blender by donating a portion of sales to the Blender Foundation. So far, we've donated over $120,000 to the Foundation.

This month, we are stepping things up and hosting a donation drive: "Giving Month" from July 6 to July 31 to benefit the Blender Foundation with an even higher share of sales than usual. 

Creators who take part in the event will be donating a full 10% (or more) of their product earnings to the Blender Development Fund. 

Where does the 10% go?

Each donation will help Blender hire new developers and designers who will work on improving Blender.

But Giving Month doesn't just benefit the Blender Foundation—all who use Blender or products made with Blender will benefit from software developments made possible by the Foundation's ability to hire more people. 

How can you participate?

As a Blender Market Creator, opting in to donate 10% of your earnings means you are directly supporting the Blender Development Fund. As the month progresses, we will be highlighting products and Creators who are taking part in our fundraising event. 

As a Blender user, you can shop products that participate in Giving Month. Every purchase you make directly benefits Blender.


  • BlenderBoi

    over 1 year ago

    Do We just increase the Donation to 10% or more to participate?

    • Abby Crawford

      over 1 year ago

      Yup! :)

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