Blender Market Has a New Look

Back in 2014, we took a literal approach to our branding of Blender Market upon launch. As the first marketplace dedicated solely to Blender, our key focus was to (figuratively) bring people through the front door to the market. We worked hard to create a community marketplace that brought Blender creators and users everywhere together to buy and sell in one place. Our logo reflected this in the literal storefront design. 

Fast-forward five years and Blender Market is an established marketplace with a strong community of creators and customers. We feel it is time to add a new coat of paint, refreshing the logo design to carry us forward, collectively, for the years to come.

The Blender community has always had a strong communal sense to it, espousing everything it means to be a community. We wanted our branding to emphasize that we are all in this together, helping to make the Blender community, ourselves, and the world a better place together. To do this we worked with Milos Djuric to come up with a new logo and color palette.

It's very easy to get too caught up in branding, taking yourself too seriously (it's just a logo after all), and so we wanted to be sure that our new logo kept a light-hearted feel to it while also presenting a clean and modern look.

After a few iterations, we settled on a design with Milos, who is great at creating smart and fun logos. Working with Blender should always be fun, after all; if things get too serious then it becomes stale. No one wants that. The logo we ultimately chose relates the Blender community to a honey bee and hive working collectively and individually to create a thriving marketplace.

Blender Market logo

Blender Market branding color palette

As Blender Market has grown so has the impact it is able to make on the prosperity of creators the world over. This would not have been possible without the strong collaborative streak that permeates the Blender community and so we felt it only fitting to adopt a bee as our new logo.

Blender Market bee hive pattern

Our thanks go out to Milos for his excellent work. If you're in need of a logo then you can find him on Dribbble.

P.S. We aim to add a Branding page soon that will include assets and guidelines for anyone referencing Blender Market.

TL;DR: we updated our logo and refreshed the look and feel of Blender Market. 🎉


  • Radha Madhava over 1 year ago

    That's great! I like the bee theme. But it may unintentionally look like a frowny guy with silver sunglasses (the wings) and a big inverted carrot nose (the bee). Just sayin'. Perhaps keeping it at the angle in the pattern above or inverting the perspective on the bee's body may help alleviate that, if indeed it is deemed a concern.

  • varkenvarken over 1 year ago

    Nice and clean! Hats off to Milos, excellent design.The only thing that can be tweaked is the flat red of the blenderfund heart. Imho should be the darker orange of the palette

  • Ryan Gorley over 1 year ago

    Congratulations! A huge improvement. Looks great!

    • Matthew Muldoon over 1 year ago

      Thanks Ryan

    • Matthew Muldoon over 1 year ago

      Thanks Jordan

  • Stephen Orsatti over 1 year ago

    I see Perry the Platypus when I look at the logo. 

    • Matthew Muldoon over 1 year ago

      I love Perry!

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