Blender Market at BCON 2023

Blender Market is heading to Amsterdam to join in on the annual Blender Conference.

Last year was such a great experience getting to connect with the Blender Community and Blender Market creators as well as attending great presentations and leading some of our own.

The Autotroph Crew at BCON 2022
Left to right, top row: Chris Bailey, Jonathan Williamson, Wes Burke, Jonathan Lampel, Matthew Muldoon and Martin Bergwerf
Left to right bottom row: Jason van Gumster, Amber Kelly, Paul Cageggi and Dr. Jon Denning

It is a truly inspiring experience and we hope that you can be there too.  If you are, please do come by and say 👋. 

Blender Market Events at BCON 2023

We will have a Blender Market booth in the marketplace on Thursday and will be hosting a Blender Market Creator Meetup on Friday afternoon.  Whether you are already a creator, interested in becoming a creator or have a favorite creator you would like to meet, we'd love to see you at our SIG!  You can find more information on the Blender Market schedule

Who to look for from our team

This year we will be sending Amber Kelly, Director of Community & Support, Jonathan Lampel, CG Cookie Instructor and Product Manager at Orange Turbine, and Jason van Gumster, Director of Special Project mainly focused on Orange Turbine.

Bonus presentation 

Jonathan will be presenting a tutorial on Unwrapping a Faster UV Workflow Saturday.  If you are interested in joining him, you can find more information here:

Stay Tuned and chat with us in the comments.

Do you have a presentation at BCON that we can check out?  Share it in the comments!  

We will likely have an informal evening hangout while we are there as well.  Check back here for more details.

See you in Amsterdam!

p.s. Couldn't snag a ticket before BCON sold out?  We will be hosting the first officially recognized BCON outside of Amsterdam in Los Angeles in April.  Join the email list for more information at


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  • LonnyBlanda

    2 days ago

    The Blender Market is going to Amsterdam for this year's conference, where they hope to have more meaningful interactions, group discussions, and the chance to learn about the newest developments in the Blender world. By going to these events, they can not only strengthen their ties with the Blender community, but they can also share their knowledge and ideas, which helps the Blender ecosystem grow as a whole. Join the fun of popping balloons! Bloons Tower Defense has exciting battles, beautiful graphics, and easy-to-use controls. Use your strategic thinking as you go on a journey to beat the bloon attack.

  • Marcos Ruben Mendoza Hernandez

    about 1 month ago

    Unfortunately I can't go, but I watch all the videos on YouTube, and it's incredibly fabulous to meet everyone behind the development of great tools through such talented people.and incredible creators. Thank you for sharing and I am eagerly awaiting your new products. A warm greeting and a big hug to everyone from Cancun!

    • Amber Kelly

      24 days ago

      At least you are in warm and lovely Cancun! Maybe we'll get to see you at BCON LA in April.

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