Avoid these 4 mistakes in your vendor application

So you want to become a vendor on the Blender Market? Great, if you've already checked out our Become A Vendor page and think everything sounds awesome, the next step is filling out your vendor application. To make sure your application process is as easy as can be, just follow these simple steps to avoid some of the most common pitfalls when applying to become a vendor.


Fill out all forms thoroughly and truthfully

The personal info that we collect on the vendor application is very important. It's used for contacting you about sales, promos, taxes and product reviews just to name a few things. If this information is not fully filled out and correct there will be issues down the road, guaranteed.

Wanna sell animal models? Don't show me archviz

I can't tell you how many vendor applications I've rejected because the vendor says, "I want to sell (insert product here)" but when I get to their portfolio page there is nothing along the lines of what they are interested in selling. Even if their portfolio looks great, the application will more than likely be rejected because it doesn't show the type of product that they said they wanted to sell, therefore, I have no real way of reviewing the work they are interested in showing. If you want to sell animal models, show me your animal models.

Use the product proposal wisely

Think of the product proposal form as your elevator pitch; why should I choose your furniture models over the other dozen vendor applications I have that want to sell furniture models? Here's an example of how taking the time to think about your product proposal can make or break your vendor application approval.

Vendor #1, I would like to sell various models of home furnishings.

Vendor #2, I'm interested in selling various models of home furnishings, my initial thoughts is to offer 3 different packs to start, a chair pack, sofa pack and interior design pack. The majority of work is already done on these three packs and I should be able to upload them to the site later this week once I'm approved as a vendor. 

Hmm, who would you choose to be a vendor on the site? Now, unless vendor #1 work is far superior to vendor #2 (this doesn't happen often) there's no way I would go with the first over the second. picjumbo.com_HNCK1218

Your vendor application is your job interview

The mere act of filling out your vendor application is your job interview; I not only look at what you want to sell and how high quality those examples are, but I'm looking to see how well you follow instructions. That means that I'm looking at your spelling, grammar and sentence structure. I'm reviewing your portfolio and wondering how you can help further Blender and the Blender Market. Make sure to give the Vendor Application process the time and effort it deserves.


  • Jason Hayes over 3 years ago

    Wish I had read this sooner. So, if a person is rejected can they reapply?

    • Matthew Muldoon about 3 years ago

      Yes they can.

  • Sebastian Wieser over 2 years ago

    Wish I had read this sooner too. Oh hell, no. 

  • David Štolba over 2 years ago

    In new creator application there is "shop name" and "shop slug" what is meant by that?I am sorry this is probably stupid question. 

    • Dzemal almost 2 years ago

      I have the same question,but i see this was a long time ago,so hopefuly i get the answer :)

      • Travis Trapani - Hilkey about 1 year ago

        Slugs are a “URL friendly” version of the product or category name. They are typically lowercase, contain no special characters and hyphens are used in place of spaces. For instance a product called 5oz Modelling Hammer might have the following slug:


        This is typically the final section of the product (or category) URL and is conveniently displayed in the product editor, right below the product title:

        5oz. Modelling Hammer

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