5 Best Animation Tools

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Are you looking to get started with animation, or need a fully rigged character for your scene? No need to do it from scratch: we have ready-made rigs to fit any budget, as well as any experience level - including practice rigs for total beginners.

TwoLeg - Play and Learn ($5)


If you are just starting with animation, you don't need a ton of bells and whistles. Sometimes, a pair of legs is just enough to begin practicing. But don't be fooled by the simplicity: there is a lot more to TwoLeg than meets the eye! The rig is complex, allowing for highly customizable deformation and complete with settings you can tweak in endless ways to practice different walk cycles: tired, determined or happy - you can even make him do a happy little double jump. With 4 different textures, a 3-bone system for perfect knee deformation and an anti-rotation system in the hip to allow for a natural walk, TwoLeg is your perfect new animation buddy.

The Hand Rig v2 - Start Animating Today ($5)


If you already have basic experience with animation and want to customize your character's movements, this is the right tool for you. Customize, preview and generate F-Curves of a walk cycle taking only the torso movement as a reference: The Automatic Walk Cycle allows you to give life to your characters in a few easy steps. Tweak the add-on's settings to adjust your character's movement: are they clumsy, hurrying or drunk? The Automatic Walk Cycle allows you to apply the settings you need, then preview the final walk before generating F-curves. Even if you're still learning, this add-on is easy to setup and control; literally, step-by-step.

Anna Rig - Charming and Endlessly Variable ($40)

If you're looking for a truly complex rig with a full range of impressive features, meet Anna. With full functionality and advanced features like a stretchy spine, advanced facial setup and isolations to allow for natural movement, Anna is completely flexible and stretchable with lots of detailed adjustment possible. With easy shader tweaking and a new long-hair model, Anna is fully customizable and will fit into any scene with professional results - and little effort.

Rene - a Full Cartoon Rig ($29.95)


A ready-to-animate rig with professional controls, cartoon-style Rene is super fun and infinitely customizable - a result of hundreds of hours of work, now available for you to explore, learn and make him your own. He comes with full facial controls to express emotions from a happy smile to an angry frown - even his tongue and teeth are fully rigged. His limbs are stretchable for funny effects and he comes with breathing controls to create a full illusion of life. If you're looking for a fun, well-animated character for learning or to use in your scene, Rene is here to work with you every step of the way.

  And there you have them - our top 5 animation superstars! Which one will you pick to boost your animation skills?


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