2019 Cyber Weekend Sale Results

Each year Blender Market runs a four-day product sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (BFCM). These four days make up some of the busiest shopping days of the year (for better and for worse), particularly in the United States.

These sale campaigns are all opt-in—we ask Creators to join but participation is completely optional. Any Creator that does opt-in then has their products discounted for four straight days. The goal is to increase product sales and thus improve the ability for Creators to run independent businesses built on their Blender products.

Without fail, these sale campaigns have proven wildly successful, more than doubling total revenue each and every year. This year was no exception!

In the spirit of transparency and raising all tides, I try to make our sale results public each year. I failed to do this for 2018 but the 2017 results are here.

2019 Results

These numbers reflect just the four days of the sale, November 29 through December 2 of 2019. 

  • Gross merchandise value: $198,979.98
  • Creator earnings: $161,930.17
  • Total refunded revenue: $1,353.1
  • Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $2,351.69
  • Blender Market gross revenue: ~$32,704.79
  • Total products sold: 6,772
  • Total orders: 3,888

It continues to astound me how the Blender Community grows each year, particularly with the release of Blender 2.8. Every year we're seeing increasing standards of product quality and new Creators are constantly appearing on the scene. 

A key goal of Blender Market when we launched in 2014 was that Blender artists ought to be able to earn a sustainable living with their product business. It brings me great pride to say that this happening, many times over. I'll leave it to the individual Creators to share their stories, but with each month there are more independent businesses making a viable living off their Blender Market earnings.  

My thanks go out to each and every one of you who has helped Blender Market grow into what it is and to all of you who continue to push it forward into the future. 


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