Wparallax Retail Kpack

by Chipp Walters in Architecture

wParallax KIT OPS Retail KPACK

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Using KIT OPS (free or PRO), you can now easily add many virtual 3D interiors to your Archviz 3D exterior scenes in Blender. It works both in EEVEE and Cycles and is also customizable as well. You can duplicate, scale and place these single plane optical illusions directly on your buildings to create the effect of adding interior rooms to your scene.


There are three KPACKS currently available. This is the RETAIL KPACK and has 30 individual INSERTS that can be easily INSERTED using KIT OPS FREE or KIT OPS 2 PRO.

See below for information on how to find KIT OPS and install both it and wParallax KPACKS. Each INSERT has both a night and day mode, making for 15 different designs.

A couple things of note. These one-plane INSERTS use a customized material using Blender’s regular shader and NOT OSL! Because of this, you’ll find it performs exceedingly well in both EEVEE and Cycles. Each INSERT contains a single 3000x3000px PNG image which is used to render all the interior as well as the sprites (front and middle).

You can resize by Scale or Dimensions to fit your scene.

Here is a link to a PDF showing the designs in this KPACK.


(Note: Blender’s version of wParallax uses PNGs and not EXRs. There is no visible difference between the two after processing).

You can download KIT OPS FREE at

Gumroad: https://chippwalters.gumroad.com/l/kitops

Blender Market (costs $1): https://blendermarket.com/products/kit-ops-free

And you can purchase KIT OPS PRO at:

Gumroad: https://chippwalters.gumroad.com/l/kitopspro

Blender Market: https://blendermarket.com/products/kit-ops-pro-asset--kitbashing-addon

Instructions on how to INSTALL KIT OPS and KPACKS can be found at:


NOTE: If you purchase more than one wParallax KPACK, be sure and have them use the same Masterfolder. See the section on Masterfolders in the KIT OPS docs: http://cw1.me/kitopsdocs .

A link to the license: https://filedn.com/lLMW4jXsJqxXkRYjd1UCoKL/online_docs/donotremove/wParallaxLicense.txt

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