That Awkward Situation (and the solution!)

We all know it. We get this amazing idea for a this massive Blender project and we can just 'see it'. It's gonna be amazing. We're gonna create this awesome scene with mountains, and cliffs and maybe some volcanos too! It's a great idea, but... when we begin, we realize that Blender is not the best at creating realistic landscapes and we don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars on software for terrain generation. This is where 'World Maker' comes in. 

With 'World Maker' you can easily create stunning landscapes and nature scenes only using Blender. It comes with 20 procedural setups for creating a bunch of different terrains. On top of that it also comes with more than 60 premade 'drag and drop' assets and a bunch of procedural setups for creating all sorts of stuff, such as; auroras, cliffs, alien landscapes, clouds and volumetric water.

Procedural Terrain Generation (Directly in Blender)

Using one of the many procedural shaders, you can generate near infinite variations of all sorts of terrains. All the shaders are all ready-to-use when you import them into your Blender project so you can start creating instantly.

Even if the procedural shaders don't give you the exact results that you were looking for, you can always tweak the parameters, to get the desired result, or you can even go into the node-setups and add/remove nodes to get even more control. With that said, it is not necessary at all. 

Procedural Clouds? (Yes!)

'World Maker' also comes with several procedural setups for creating clouds in both Cycles and Eevee! We created five different shaders that can be used for a lot of different types of clouds. With these shaders you can create everything from a single cloud to an entire overcast sky! 

Procedural Water Shader 

You can use the water shader to create realistic, volumetric water. It can be used to create everything from a small pool to a giant ocean. With the large amount of controls you can control every necessary parameter such as, density, absorption, colors and the surface waves.    

Procedural Sky 

Okay fine! I'll admit it. I'm an absolute sucker for some cool lighting. So yeah, I created this procedural sky shader. It comes with 7 presets that you can use to quickly add some beautiful lighting for a bunch of different scenes. It comes with presets for sunrises/sunsets, day-time scenes, night scenes and more! 

The Mega-Shader

The "Mega-Shader" is a large node-setup with a lot of different controls that allows you to create a lot of different landscapes all with the same shader. It can be used to create everything from canyons to tropical mountains, to valleys, and so much more. Basically the ultimate tool when you just need to quickly generate all sorts of terrains and ideas. 

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Published 6 days ago
Software Version 3.1, 3.2
License GPL
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