Universal Tool For Ue

by Aleksey in Scripts and Addons

Easy to use addon. For easy rigging of character and clothing. Convenient buttons for animations. The addon is designed for beginners as well as for experienced Blender users. Watch short videos and see for yourself.

At the moment, the addon is version 1.0. There are plans to improve the skeleton in a future update.

# 1/4 Install addon

# 2/4 Rigging character

# 3/4 Rigging clothes

# 4/4 Animation and Export to Unreal Engine

#5 Rigging in Blender and retarget in Unreal Engine 4

Description of updates.

Universal tool for UE v1.2 - Made an update to the addon for Blender 2.8-2.9 Universal Tool for Unreal Engine 4. Fixed minor bugs and now the retarget works. No need to manually fix bones.

Universal tool for UE v1.1 - Added skeletons with fingers. The buttons "Isert key LocRot" and "Isert key LocRotScale" have been reworked. Now you don't have to constantly select all the bones to place the key. The button does it for you.

Attention! The magic button hasn't been created yet. Sometimes you have to do Weight Paint. Depends on the complexity of the character.