Ue4 Export Helper

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UE4 Export Helper

Blender 2.80 Upgrade Status:

Update 5: More functions working now, preparation works with collections. 


If you find additional issues that aren't listed here yet, please email to me, include as much info and preferable screenshots as possible. Thank you for helping to bring our add-ons to 2.80! 

Ver 0.5 Alpha

Older introduction / tutorial: https://youtu.be/wSSv-NYC0fI

Exporting models for Unreal Engine 4, as well as a lot of other game engines, requires a lot work to do for every model, like applying modifiers, triangulating, splitting or joining your assets, creating a lightmap UV layer and more.

The Unreal Engine 4 Export Helper automates a lot of these steps so you can prepare your model for export in a few clicks. Please watch the demo video for details (note: the demo video was made with the first version of UE4 Export Helper, there are a lot of new features already).

Designed for, but not only for UE4

Even though this add-on was built for exporting to Unreal Engine 4, most game engines require similar preparation steps - that means even if you are using a different game engine, the UE4 Export Helper can take a lot of work off your hands, work that's prone to human error due to it's repetitive nature.

Right now the UE 4 Export Helper does these steps, most are optional:

  • Duplication of your selected objects
  • Applying modifiers for each object
  • Triangulating the objects
  • Creating a lightmap UV layer, ensuring all your lightmap UVs are in proper space from 0 to 1 and don't overlap, optionally snap UVs to lightmap resolution for much better baking results
  • Applying all transformation
  • Centring objects before export
  • Clearing parents the correct way
  • Centring origin to object centre or bottom with adjustable offset for e.g. foliage and trees
  • Converting curve and text objects on the fly
  • Exporting into fbx format with the right settings for UE4, optionally splitting your objects into multiple files, name the files and organize them into a folder
  • Support for adding, managing and exporting collision meshes on the go, supporting all 3 types (Box, Sphere, Convex shape)
  •  Check-up of all your objects and scene settings for errors and possible problems
  • LOD Attachement and export (only available with modified FBX exporter script | Beta  Release) 
  • NEW: Inclusion of hierarchical parent / child objects automatically  (Beta Release)

Doing all of that manually for each object, may be noticing on import you forgot one step, doing it again, can easily take up to 30-60 minutes for all objects, leading to frustration and making it a time consuming process. With the UE4 Export Helper it only takes seconds.

The UE4 Export Helper also won't touch your original meshes and only works with temporary copies. That means, inside Blender you can use Blender's full efficiency by working e.g. with modifiers. As the export process is split into 2 steps, you can always do the manual work you need to do in between preparation and export, like unwrapping an object for non-overlapping UVs after an array modifier has been applied.

More features will come

I've already implemented lots of user requested features, although I'm not able to include every request I'm open to discuss any new feature request.

Note: The UE4 Export Helper is designed for a streamlined workflow for static meshes. UE4EH won't help on exporting armature or animated objects. It also won't help on exporting materials. Converting materials to UE4 may or may not be a feature in a future version, also depending on Epic's development of the importer.