True-Grass 2.0

by True-VFX in Models

True-Grass 2.0

The Next level in nature realism - All at an affordable price! 

Let's talk 'Grass' for a moment.

Why, is it so hard to get great looking grass and nature elements, in an easy to use package, with 22 release day assets all fully customizable, at a price that doesn't break the bank? 

"Not anymore it's not!!"

With True-Grass 2.0, you get: 

  1. 8 grass species 
  2. 3 weed species
  3. 5 plants/flowers
  4. 5 mushroom species 
  5. 1 ground debris

That's 22 PBR, highly realistic "grass" assets for you to play with!

Not only that, but you get it all bundled up in a neat, intuitive UI, which allows you to adjust particle settings, select the 'parent' mesh, to change material settings, a fully custom material on each model, and some 'one-off' never before been created, secret shader tweaks.

What else could you want? 

Oh, yeah. It's COMPLETELY FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE FOR EXISTING BUYERS, with 2 more planned releases within the next 6 months. Which includes more particle systems, and more features.

If all that hasn't tickled your fancy, for some odd reason... Have a quick look at this promo clip made with the addon: 

You know you want to...