Tree Variety Pack

by Quinten Pillen in Models

New update:

All Trees now make proper use of Normal, AO and Glossiness maps! The materials have been improved and now all make use of the Principled shader (Blender 2.79+).

Don't have time to model or use add-ons to generate realistic trees for your projects? Here are 10 pre-made models ready to go. This pack of standard trees consists of:

  1. Birch Tree
  2. Palm Tree
  3. Apple Tree (x2)
  4. Bare Aspen Tree
  5. Evergreen Tree
  6. White Oak Tree
  7. Douglas Fir Tree
  8. Pine Tree Snowy
  9. japanese Maple Tree

All Trees are Low-Poly, PBR and game-ready. Diffuse, Normal, AO, Glossiness and Specular maps are included! Simple lighting setup is added as well (3 point lighting).