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Revolutionize your Blender animation with our cutting-edge procedural templates collection designed to effortlessly create mesmerizing trailing effects. Unleash the power of simulation nodes and bring your creations to life without the hassle of mastering geometry nodes.

Key Features

Multiple Trailing Effects

Trail FXs presents 5 geometry nodes-based templates for diverse trailing effects. From dynamic trailing lines to captivating particles and weapon animations with trailing blades, this comprehensive collection covers all your creative needs.

Custom Blade Shape Support

Break free from limitations – our trail blade effects not only support straight blades but also cater to any custom-shaped blades. Whether it's a lightsaber or the majestic wings of a bird, Trail FXs adds trails effortlessly.

Procedural Control

Enjoy complete customization with Trail FXs. No geometry nodes knowledge required! Tweak sliders to control length, smoothness, effects colors, and glowing strength. Craft the perfect trailing effect with ease.

20+ Materials to Play With

Dive into a vast array of 20+ unique trailing effects materials. From fiery glows to heat distortion, this pack is a dynamic collection that we'll continuously expand – who knows, it might be 40 materials tomorrow!

Even More Control

Beyond procedural control, Trail FXs offers individual procedural control over each blade material. Adjust unique parameters within the material tab without diving into shader nodes – simplicity meets precision.

Custom Particle Shapes

Unleash creativity with our Trail_Blade_Particles effect. Spawn particles of any shape from your blade and watch your animations come alive in ways you never imagined.

Assets Browser Support

Experience seamless integration with the assets browser functionality. Unique icons and an organized hierarchy make it easy to identify and use your desired assets, ensuring a smooth workflow.

And More:

    • Cycles and EEVEE Support
    • Combine Assets for Unique Results
    • Comprehensive Documentation
    • Lifetime Free Updates



    • 3 Basic Trail FXs Only
    • Assets Browser Support

    • 3 Basic Trail FXs
    • Assets Browser Support
    • 2 Blade Trail FXs
    • 20 Blade Materials FXs
    • 2 Demo Files

    Elevate your Blender animations with Trail FXs v1 – where innovation meets limitless creativity. Trail your imagination and bring your visions to life like never before!

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    Published 6 months ago
    Blender Version 4.0, 3.6
    License Royalty Free
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