Tiler: Generate Mesh Patterns

by glukoz in Scripts and Addons

General Info

Tiler Add-on was initially meant as a tool for speeding up roof creation process but it can be used for generation of every mesh patterns, which is especially useful for architecture visualization applications.

Tiler Add-on will allow you to:

  • generate tiles for many walls in your scene with a few clicks,
  • automatically trim generated tiles to walls boundaries,
  • add many kinds of randomness to your tiles to make them look realistic,
  • generate tiles for wall joints (useful for roof creation),
  • easily compose interesting patterns on the wall or roof using many tile models (so called Multi Tile mode). See Multi Tile Mode section below for details,
  • generate displacement map from your tiles using fast and simple procedure. See next section for details.

Thanks to the Tiler Add-on you won't waste your time on:

  • tweaking standard array modifier (which doesn't support any randomness at all)
  • placing tiles on walls manually
  • trimming tiles to wall boundaries manually.

Displacement Map Generation

Starting from version 1.1 the Tiler add-on allows you to create displacement map from the generated tiles just with a few clicks, simultaneously for all walls. The procedure is as follows:

  • you generate the tiles using standard add-on functionality,
  • after the tiles are generated you can optionally perform some modifications on them (e.g. add some modifiers etc),
  • in the next step you have to provide UV map for the map generation. You can create some on your own, but more convenient option is to use the add-on to generate automatic UV map for you - in such case you don't have to select any specific geometry nor add any seam, you just click single button and the UV map of the building walls is ready for you immediately,
  • in the last step you simply click 'Generate Displacement Map' button and that's it: the add-on will do the rest for you.

The add-on also has the ability to integrate with ImageMagic tool (available for free) in order to give you an option to antialias generated map with minimal effort.  All you have to do is to install ImageMagic tool (Q16 version) and then simply choose desired antialiasing level in the add-on options. 

For full video presentation of how displacement map feature works go here.

If you are interested in more details regarding displacement map feature, see the add-on manual (link can be found in the Documentation tab).

Multi Tile Mode

Thanks to Multi Tile mode and pattern presets you can quickly create interesting patterns from many tile models. All you have to do is to enable Multi Tile mode, add desired tile models to the list (you can use your own models or use predefined models provided with the add-on), next choose the pattern you want to use from the list of available pattern presets and tweak its properties accordingly. That's all - you don't have to perform any mathematical calculations. All pattern presets currently available are presented in the poster below (in order to examine the image right click on it and select Open image in new tab option):

Note that you can also use Custom pseudo-preset to create your own, unique pattern defined by pythonic expression. This mode gives you practically unlimited possibilities for creating interesting tile patterns.

Other Assets

Tiler Add-on comes with a set of roof tiles models built in so you could start creating roofs for your architecture projects with minimal effort. See Roof Tiles Catalogue for details regarding roof tile models provided with the add-on.

As a buyer you will get the support for the add-on. If many people are interested in this product I will also add new functionalities to it. I can add minor improvements and small functionalities on the fly (according to buyers suggestions). If you buy the add-on you will receive all such minor updates for free. If major functionality is added to the add-on I will consider increasing the price - in such case you will only have to pay the difference between new price and what you have already paid.

I am also going to add new tiles models to the catalogue so you have more possibilities for creating different looking roofs and other architecture assets. As a buyer you will also receive all minor catalogue updates for free.

Release Notes

Version 1.1:

New features:

  • displacement map generation,
  • interface update: now you can use 3 intuitive buttons to generate tiles: 'Show Preview', 'Refresh Preview' and 'Generate Tiles' buttons. Old keyboard shotcuts are still available,
  • support for tile packages
  • new 'mesh' preview type which shows full geometry of limited number of tiles to be generated,
  • preset interface improvements.

Version 1.2:

New features:

  • pattern presets added to Multi Tile mode.

Version 1.2.2:

New features:

  • Align to center mode was added. With this mode enabled tiles are being laid in such a way that one tile is placed perfectly in the wall center.