The Ultimate Gobopack - (365 Light Textures You Can Use From The Asset Browser)

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Enhance Your Lighting With Shadows

Increase Photorealism, Without Years of Practice in Less Than 5 Seconds...

Do you want:
- Quick & Easy Lighting?
- High Quality Renders?
- The Newest Lighting Setup Available?
- One of the Biggest Lighting Packs?
- Drag & Drop Ease-of-Use?

Then The Ultimate Gobo Pack is for you...

I used to add some arealamps to play around with all the settings and it costs a lot of time, but I figured this could be done a lot better, faster and easier.

You see, I used to struggle with lighting big time.
Putting considerable effort into models, texturing and the latest tricks I could find. 

However, the fundamentals of a good render, video, picture, painting or basically any artwork = lighting. 

That's why I created The Ultimate Gobopack. 

What is a Gobo? 
If you look around, you'll see different types of shadows and lights in the world.

Think of light coming through the window, light passing through the leaves of a forest or shadows of persons and objects on the street. 

Shortly said: a Gobo is a light Texture 

Now imagine you can simply drag and drop the most realistic and intricate details in your scene, without any effort.

Think of the quality improvement and how much time you would save.

To be honest, life is short and we shouldn't spend it on menial tasks over and over again.

You want to reach the full capacity of your creativity, without being held back by time-constraints or boring work. 

You can use Gobos to add highly detailed lighting and shadows in no-time which increases the quality of your art.

How does it work?
The Ultimate Gobopack allows you to drag-and-drop professional lighting in your scene using the asset browser. 

Not only will your render look better instantly, it will also be more flexible to change your setup.

You use the controls in the light properties to increase the softness, power and size. 

Alright, so what's in it?
This is what you'll get: 

- 365 Gobos in total
- 72 Animated Gobos
- 8 Procedural Gobos
- New categories you've never seen before

I'll show you exactly what you'll get later on, but first:

Why this gobopack?

I've seen other Gobopacks as well. They aren't necessarily bad, but all of them contain less gobos for a higher price. 

There are procedural gobopacks as well, and although it may seem like this gives you more control, it also has its limitations. 

Certain windows and shadows simply can't be made using procedural gobos. You'll be missing out on high quality details. Try making a procedural arabian window, procedural person or animals.
You won't be able to find anything that has to be handcrafted in order to actually be good.

I've decided to add it all:
1. More Gobos
2. Procedural Gobos
3. Animated Gobos
4. New Categories

In this way, you'll always get whatever you need, without any limitations. 

Here are all the categories:


Color Abstract




Real Glass Caustics







House Objects





Street Objects

Popular Symbols


Real Trees

CG Trees



Window + Cg Tree 1

Window + CG Tree 2

Window + Real Tree

Window + Real Tree 2

Window + Water Droplets

Window + Real Dead Tree

How do the Procedural Gobos work? Here's some insight

Procedural Window

Procedural Fan

Procedural Edge

Here are some renders to spark your imagination!

Every naturescene should have some tree shadows to make it look more real and interesting

Caustics are a phenomenon that happens due to the refraction of light. It looks really cool and there's a procedurally animated caustics Gobo as well. This fish underneath the ice knows what I'm talking about...

You can add persons to add story to your render. This person is entering an old and dangerous place and we can convey it through a shadow

Naturally, Architectural renders can benefit from Gobo's as well!

In renders we often want to evoke an emotion. The rain on the windows gives these scene the gloomy vibe that it needs to show what happened was sad or dark.

There's a cat snooping around...

An intellectual warrior in the forest. Give your renders more depth with detailed shadows

Quality Interior Renders in Blender

Here's what you get:

1. All 365 Gobos which contain:
- Still Gobos
- Animated Gobos
- Looping Gobos
- Procedural Gobos

2. Lifetime Guarantee on all future versions
- Once you get this pack, you won't have to spend a dime for releases of future versions.
As a matter of fact, I encourage requests so I can make this even better tailored to your needs!

So you'll get The Ultimate Gobopack and a Lifetime guarantee on all future versions. 
Basically for the price of a couple of happy meals or 3 starbucks coffees, but then for years worth of value. 

Try The Ultimate Gobo Pack

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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