The Grass Essentials

by Blender Guru in Models

Beautiful, photo-realistic grass in under a minute

Creating grass in Blender is a pain. You know you need it for your scene, but you put it off because you know how long it will take. Finding the right tutorial, tweaking settings, rendering, tweaking and re-rendering takes hours, and IT’S PAINFUL.

But worst of all? Even after fiddling with all particle settings, and spending way longer on it than you intended, you usually end up with something that looks closer to cheap astro-turf than grass.

The good news is though, you’re not insane. Blender’s particle strands just simply isn’t suited for grass.

Why Blender’s Strands aren’t suitable for Grass

Blender’s strands are long and singular, which makes them great for hair and fur which is consistent; but grass is wayyyy more complex. It’s got sprouts, seeds, color variations, skinny parts, fat parts and flat leaves just to name a few. 

Once you look carefully at a real sprout of grass, it’s easy to see why Blender’s particle strands always fall short.

That’s why we created The Grass Essentials… a way to have real grass in your scenes.

Introducing… The Grass Essentials

The Grass Essentials is a pack of grass models and particle systems, that you can quickly import to any scene to have beautiful grass. 

There are 15 Species of Grass, with up to 49 model variations for each.  A total of 471 grass models for the most photorealistic scenes available.

Faster Rendering with Less Memory Consumption

Physically modelled grass actually renders faster and uses less memory than normal strand renders do.

That means you get superior results AND faster renders.

And with less memory consumption you can now render complex outdoor scenes on your graphics card with less a chance of Blender crashing!

Customizable to get the look you want

Each grass species come with a set of easy to use controls for quickly adding dead patches, or changing the life of the grass. So leave the technical details to us, so you can focus on the art :)

How it Works

Using the Grass Essentials is as simple as importing the grass species you want, and adding that Particle System to your scene. 

Weeds: The missing ingredient

In the real world, almost every field of grass contains weeds. Even the most carefully manicured lawns often contain dozens of weeds growing beneath the surface!

But in CG, almost no one bothers to add weeds! Why? Because they’re a pain to make: Hundreds of species, dozens of variations within each species and no knowledge of what weeds to even make.

That’s why The Grass Essentials include a bonus weed pack containing 15 species of the most common types of weeds found in gardens around the world.

They’re built for Blender and optimized for fast rendering with Cycles, ensuring that your scene looks great without costing excessive amounts of render time. 

Training Included

Get the most from The Grass Essentials with included training videos on how to get great looking grass in your scene.

Included training videos:

  1. How to Use The Grass Essentials – Quick walkthrough on adding grass and weeds into your scene
  2. Advanced Grass Tips with Rob Garlington – Expert advice on getting even more realistic grass scenes
  3. Making a Grass Lawn – A complete tutorial on creating a backyard lawn scene, with grass, weeds and leaves.

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Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 13 ratings by the community.

  • Stephen Bravo 4 days ago

    Great product, easy to use and gives amazing results. It has greatly improved my work. Can't wait to see the 2.8 update.

  • Matty Mosc 7 days ago

    I achieved amazing results with it.

  • meizner about 2 months ago

    Blender 2.8 anytime soon?

  • jozef 2 months ago

    Please update Blender 2.8 :)

  • Peter Beaumont 4 months ago

    Will there be a update for 2.80 soon? (eevee!)

  • newart 7 months ago

    Works great....helps me take my renders to the next level

  • firman ryan lim 7 months ago

    best grass material realistic addon.

  • J.W. Sargent over 1 year ago

    This is a great product, and super easy to use. It also is fairly easy to add your own grass models to the existing particle systems and modify and tweak everything. Works fine even in newer Blender builds.

  • cookiestudent over 1 year ago

    nice product, but i hop you update it to Principled BSDF

  • Bodo Sallmann over 1 year ago

    just a "must have" !!!

  • Vondm02 almost 2 years ago

    Easy to setup and fast to render. The package contains helpful instructions making it perfect for beginners.

    Although it has 15 different species of grass, a broader diversity would be welcome. Opposed to lawn grass either long grass or ornamental grass such as panicum, pennisetum (intensively used by Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudhof) would give added value.

  • niittymaa almost 2 years ago

    Now it's so much easier and faster to make realistic grass. Thanks to Blender Guru!

  • mozalbete almost 2 years ago

    A wonderful product that should cover everything related to grass and other kinds of similar vegetation. The pack includes a wide variety of grass, weeds and "extras" (such as two types of fallen dead leaves).

    The pack content is easy to import, and includes parameters that control aspects such as volor variation of the plants, wetness, wind turbulences, etc.

    All assets are of the highest quality, and allow photorealism.

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