The Countryside Nature Collection (Grass, Plants, Trees & More)

by TRBrenders in Models


The Countryside Nature Collection- A Collection of 110+ Models ranging from Photorealistic to Beautifully Stylized lowpoly. everything you need to to create your perfect nature scene is included in this pack.

The Countryside Grass & Plants Collection- A Collection of 23+ photorealistic Grass & Plant Models. Ranging from simple Grass Blades to stunning Hanging Tree Moss. Each with multiple variations for increased realism.

The Countryside Stylized Lowpoly Collection- A Collection of 39+ Stylized Lowpoly Models. Including Uniquely artistic Trees, Beautiful Rocks, & Wild foliage. as well as a few models that resemble the True Lowpoly Style.


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                           Asset List


  16 Photoscanned Rocks, 4 Rock Clusters, 11 Stylized Rocks, 5 Super lowpoly Rocks

                                                     Tree Stumps

                                            13 Photoscanned Tree Stumps


                                                9 Photoscanned Logs


          7 Photorealistic Trees, 5 Stylized Lowpoly Trees, 3 Super lowpoly Trees


Photorealistic Species include- Grass Blades, Dead Grass, Dallis Grass, Johnson Grass, Reed Grass, Switch Grass.

Stylized Lowpoly Species include- Stylized Grass Clump#1, Stylized Grass Clump#2, Stylized Short Grass, Stylized Longgrass, Stylized Tallgrass, Stylized Sharpgrass, Stylized Johnson Grass.


Photorealistic Species include-Broadleaf Plants, Bullrush(aka Cattails), Coneflowers, Dead Coneflowers, CurlyDock Plants, Fern, Goldenrod Plants, Horseweed Plant, Ivy, Juniper Plant, Ragweed Plant, Rumex Plant, Spindle Plant, Sweetgum Plant, Vetch vine.

Stylized Lowpoly Species Include-Stylized Goldenrod Plant, Stylized Ferns, Stylized Curly dock Bush, Stylized Horsetail Plants, Stylized Bullrush(aka Cattails), stylized Ragweed Plant, Stylized Ivy,


Photorealistic Species include- Sticks, Lily Pads, Hanging Tree Moss, Ground Debris

Stylized Lowpoly Species Include- Stylized Lowpoly Hanging Moss,