The Cliff Tower - Blender 3D - Environment full course

by p2design in Models

Based on the concept from Corentin Chevanne, Learn how to create a marvelous fantasy house and its environment exclusively with Blender 3D.

Including all files and resources (3d files, all textures) for each chapters, through more than 12 hours of HD video you will learn the full pipeline to create nice 3D environment artwork

  •  Setting a Blender scene
  •  Blocking a building
  •  Modeling
  •  Sculpting stones, tiles, wood, rocks....
  •  Create clever UVs, paint textures, project textures...
  •  Create you're own stylised and tileable textures
  •  Light and shade your objects
  •  Prepare a render
  •  Enhance your picture with post production

The course is divided in 13 chapters with many videos. Knowing Blender basics is important as we won't cover each single click but this course will fit beginners and advanced blender users expectations.    

All files must be unzipped to a common folder. Includes 39 videos in 1920x1080p mp4 format Includes all the blend file for each video Includes all textures, map and references kindly shared and/or distributed with the permission of and Corentin Chevanne 100% blender3D tutorial  

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  • michaelbridges over 1 year ago

    Here's the TL:DR

    Overall a course and great for intermediate experienced blender users and independent learners.
    Lots of juicy things to learn.
    Covers a lot and overall good explanations.
    Quite easy to follow along with the project.

    Misses the WHY in some videos (Explained more below).
    Is a follow along video which makes it harder to re apply as fundamentals are sometimes looked over.
    Difficult for a beginner to follow along in places.

    And now for the rest...

    I am really Enjoying the course and learning lots from it. It focuses on one project throughout the entire course. There is lots of commentary as he goes through so it it relatively easy to follow along.

    I wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't know their way around Blender, I could follow along for the most part without watching the video and just listening, which is a good thing, but some parts are gone over very quickly and I doubt a beginner would have a clue what happened.
    As example here, is when the first piece of wood in Unwrapped, it happens in time lapse. I know what has happened but if someone didn't know how to create a new image and unwrap they would be stuck at that point.

    The author does have a strong accent which meant some parts I did have to rewind due to different pronunciation, but otherwise the audio is nice an clear, it could be a touch louder but isn't bad at all. The post production keeps the course tight and I do like the zooming, highlighting and tool tips being displayed as he progresses.

    This does however have a slight downside, there aren't any natural breaks for me to try out what I have just learnt the course just pushes on.

    It is a good course and it is great to see another experienced persons work flow and techniques and I have alright

    As an experienced Blender user I understand what is going on and why for the most part, but even then there are some things I had to wait for a later reveal and then re-watch in context.

    This biggest thing for me is the WHY when learning and this course is mainly a follow along as you go. I would advise taking notes as you go so you can piece together different concepts into categories and have things to refer too.

    A big example of the WHY being missing, is when the phrase "this doesn't matter" or "this isn't important" but without a reason as to why it isn't important or doesn't matter leaves me lacking a piece of knowledge.
    Example questions I'm asking myself
    Is it not important at this point in time, i.e it's like a placeholder?
    Is it not important at all?
    Is it not important in this case, but another example is might be?

    I would value more explanations and smaller chunks, when I see the a video is 40mins long I just start it, but I appreciate others might not even start it because it is too long for the time they have available- it going to be 40min+ own modelling and exploration.

    For me 3 videos around 10-15 minutes in length would be a better option and would allow a 30min learning window for those who are a busy :)

  • pawelczerwinski almost 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed this course! You can practice all the important functionalities of Blender, from modeling 3D objects, creating textures and materials, working with UV's, sculpting to the painful process of simplifying high-poly's, so you can multiply them hundreds of times and not fry your CPU during the rendering. The author is very scrupulous, patient and focused on the subject. The tutorial videos have been nicely edited, with zooming relevant parts of the screen, some red boxes and arrows to focus your attention on what's important and subtitles with extra tips. The course is a very good lesson of patience and an opportunity to see how to make everything in the scene from scratch (except a bunch of textures only). I can recommend it sincerely. P.S. The tutorial is a real time-killer ;) Multiply those 12h by n ;)

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