The Cliff Tower - Blender 3D - Environment full course

by Pierrick PICAUT in Models

Based on the concept from Corentin Chevanne, Learn how to create a marvelous fantasy house and its environment exclusively with Blender 3D.

Including all files and resources (3d files, all textures) for each chapters, through more than 12 hours of HD video you will learn the full pipeline to create nice 3D environment artwork

  •  Setting a Blender scene
  •  Blocking a building
  •  Modeling
  •  Sculpting stones, tiles, wood, rocks....
  •  Create clever UVs, paint textures, project textures...
  •  Create you're own stylised and tileable textures
  •  Light and shade your objects
  •  Prepare a render
  •  Enhance your picture with post production

The course is divided in 13 chapters with many videos. Knowing Blender basics is important as we won't cover each single click but this course will fit beginners and advanced blender users expectations.    

All files must be unzipped to a common folder. Includes 39 videos in 1920x1080p mp4 format Includes all the blend file for each video Includes all textures, map and references kindly shared and/or distributed with the permission of and Corentin Chevanne 100% blender3D tutorial  

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  • 282e54494c2227779467485e25cbed97

    pawelczerwinski about 1 month ago

    I really enjoyed this course! You can practice all the important functionalities of Blender, from modeling 3D objects, creating textures and materials, working with UV's, sculpting to the painful process of simplifying high-poly's, so you can multiply them hundreds of times and not fry your CPU during the rendering. The author is very scrupulous, patient and focused on the subject. The tutorial videos have been nicely edited, with zooming relevant parts of the screen, some red boxes and arrows to focus your attention on what's important and subtitles with extra tips. The course is a very good lesson of patience and an opportunity to see how to make everything in the scene from scratch (except a bunch of textures only). I can recommend it sincerely. P.S. The tutorial is a real time-killer ;) Multiply those 12h by n ;)

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