The Bug Collection

by Quinten Pillen in Models

The Bug Collection is a set of 12 highly detailed bugs ready to be used in your projects! 

This pack contains 12 unique bug types:
-Praying Mantis
-Stag Beetle

Includes 2k PBR texture maps, game ready:
Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Ambient Occlusion, Normal

All models have a clean topology and UV islands, perfect for rigging! No modifiers, but subdivision-ready. No name confusion when importing several models into a scene. No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering!

Formats included:

Tip! Gloss map included, but the specular maps' Alpha channel (A) can also be used for this.

The blend file consists of all 12 models on their own layer, and 1 layer with a simple lighting setup. All models come with these textures (2k resolution): Diffuse, Specular, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Normal. The materials are set up using the Principled shader (Cycles). 

Note: The Specular map also contains roughness information within the Alpha channel, which will save you some memory. Ofcourse you could also just use the rougness texture included.

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