Tanya Character

by Roman Rodionov in Models

Collection1   -  Armature    

Collection2  -  Head, Sclera, Necklace and Earings

Collection3  -  Longsleeve, Panties, Skirt and Boots

Collection4  -  Nude Body, Shoes and Bare Legs

Collection5  -  Scene, Lights and Camera 

Collection6  -  Swimsuits

Collection7  -  Jacket and Pants

Collection8  -  Dresses

Collection9  -  Hairs

Armature Layers:

Layer1    -  Main bones.

Layer2   -  Bend bones.

Layer3   -  Hair, Breast and Butt bones.

Layer31  -  Reference bones, use them for weight painting.

Don't move "c_pose" (big circle on the floor), use "c_traj" (circle with arrows) to move her.

Current pose from the Pose library - "ModelStand".

There are some masks on "TanyaLongsleeve_SK" and "TanyaNudeBody_SK" to hide unnecessary parts, please check.

How to switch IK\FK if you don't have autorig addon: 

choose c_hand_ik or c_foot_ik bones (last manipulator in the limb) and manually change "ik_fk_switch" value in Custom Properties list. 

Warning: IK bone will be hidden after this action, to restore initial value, 

use search in outliner and type or "c_hand_ik" or "c_foot_ik" and manually change value again.

Thank You.