Tank T-90

by Brothermechanic in Models

DOCUMENTATION This is short docs, how to use it: 1layer - mesh model 2layer - tank's traks 5layer - ground and !TANK PATH CURVE! 6layer - cameras 11layer - tank rig 12layer - tracks rig 13layer - particle emitters for truk's dirt (i don't create particle simylation) 16layer - scene plate for studio like renders 20layer - shape objects for tank's armature in 11 layer   For individual tank path setup, you need: 0 - load this scene with Autorun Python Scripts (in blender settings) for loading all drivers 1 - change form TANK PATH CURVE 2 - change curve patametr "Frames" to your animation long 3 - animate "Evaluation Time" - this is a TANK ACCELERATOR value   Truks motions via drivers with TANK TRANSFORM end Evaluation Time of TANK PATH CURVE Wheel motions via T.G.Wheel.Z's drivers and constrains "Copy Rotation" Suspension works with TANK.body.Inert.CURVE and TANK.dulo.Inert.CURVE curves, shuold not need to tune. If you need optimise animation process hide 1 and 2 layers and unhide 11 and 12 layers, or use Simplify options.  FORMATS A Tank_T-90-vXX.blend file with editable model parts and modifiers Tank_T-90-v1.0-export.fbx - source lowpoly mesh, without modifiers and rig.