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Tasks will speed up your workflow as much as possible and make it comfortable. In addition, you can create your own real-time worlds.


First let's see this thing. It looks like a game engine. Good for animation, simulation, VR, etc. One line of code can change any parameter of a scene, objects, geomerty nodes, etc. This is very interesting, but if it seems too complicated, you can skip this part.

Come up with an action algorithm. Bounce, pendulum, flashing lights, jiggling...

Or just control a parameter, like if you do it manually. For example: objects keyframes, modifiers parameters, current keyframe...

Of course it can be animated.

All examples are present. Python is cool and simple:

Slow motion: bpy.context.scene.frame_float += 0.01
Hair growth:["ParticleSettings"].hair_length += 0.1
Bind to scene properties: bpy.context.scene.frame_float += bpy.context.scene['speed']
Key insert: bpy.ops.anim.keyframe_insert_menu(type='LocRotScale')
And it can go beyond blender...
"Ok, where can I find all parameters?" Log of operations: Editor type>Info.


No need to know programming to use this. In addition to standard tasks (switch to camera, render, save, etc.), there are also control tasks (wait while file appears, load task list, go to task number, script). This way you can create an automatic node. For example, wait until the file appears. And when it appears, move further down the list in which the next task is the script for baking and exporting to fbx or sending a screenshot to the mail. Much can be automated individually in each project.

Task type:

camera - Set camera.

world - Set world.

render - Render scene.

save_render - Save last rendered. Settings: image name. Output: standard render settings.

render_anim - Render Animation. Settings: scene. Output: standard render settings.

render_in_col - Render each collection apart from others in a given collection. Settings: Name of Collection. Output: Blender output properties. Path: Output path + new folder(Folder name: name of collection) + subcollection name. Example: D:\render output\collection cars\bmw.png

scene - Set scene.

open_blend - Open the Blender file. Default: current blendfile.

save_blend - Save the Blender file. Default: current blendfile. A new file may be specified.

settings_load Loads all addon settings from scene. Usefull in conjunction with open_blend.

wait_for - Wait until a directory or file appears(any type of file). If empty: waits for 100 ticks and moves on to the next task in the tasks list.

script - User script from Text Editor in current Blender file. Settings: name. You can do anything with scripts.

go_task - Go to task number. Default: 1.

stop - Stops running. Default: tasks, realtime.

quit - Quit Blender.

comp_shutdown Turns off the computer, need admin privileges(Windows, Linux, MacOS).

For convenience, the default settings of the newly created task will be from the active scene, camera, file, etc.

The settings of panel stay across open new Blender files. You can easily walk between files and add them to tasks.

If you need automated scripts individually for your project, feel free to write to me.

Two incredible features coming soon in new updates!
Updates are free. The price may increase, so I recommend buying it now.

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Software Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
License GPL
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