Human Stylized Base Meshes

by PolyFruit Studios in Models

8 Stylized Human Base Meshes Whether you want to practice rigging, work on a facial sculpt or try out cloth sim for the first time, you need a good base human to work on. This time-consuming job is spared! This pack includes a great spectrum of body type: Male Underweight - 249,893 verts Male Overweight - 232, 897 verts Male Average - 270, 478 Verts Male Strong - 289, 408 Verts Female Underweight - 329,119 Verts Female Overweight - 230,521 Verts Female Average -179, 729 Verts Female Strong - 295,310 Verts Instead of fretting over the proportions- you can get on with the creative side. Ready to be sculpted into, these high poly base meshes are perfect for a variety of projects.

Practice re topology, texturing, or even populate a scene.

Made with Blender 2.9

A variety of export options from this base blend file- you can work into them and export your creations as objs, fbx, x3d and many others for use in other programs.

So start the production pipeline here- jump in at the exiting bit!

For any questions, commissions or queries, please send us a message, our lovely artists will be happy to help

As ever- thanks for the support :)

Sales 30+
Published 12 months ago
Software Version 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
License Creative Commons
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