Studio Scene Kit PRO (LIMITED SALE)

by Kilvio Lluberes in Render Setups

No Nonsense Blender Studio Lighting


What is Studio Scene Kit PRO?

Studio Scene Kit PRO is a collection of blender studio lighting scenes designed to give you the highest quality lighting with little to no effort. Each of the 50 scenes includes a unique lighting setup that provides you with a fast and easy way to get the best lighting for your project. Lighting is not just another step, it is the single most important thing you can do to your scene. Studio Scene Kit PRO gives your scenes beautiful lighting for a beautiful render. SSKP doesn't require you to install anything, the pack consists of Blender studio lighting scenes that are ready to be used with your favorite models. It is as simple as appending your 3D assets into any SSKP scene you choose, and rendering.

What's Included?

Studio Scene Kit PRO includes 50 blender scenes, 7 asset models (backdrop, softbox, etc.), Video tutorials, Documentation, and image banners to help you find the scenes you want.


I am very excited to announce the very first update to Studio Scene Kit PRO; Update 1.1. In update 1.1 I have fine tuned the scenes to make sure they were as efficient as possible, while also making some of the scene look better in terms of lighting (minor things). I have also added a brand new type of scene called Grid Array Studio which is meant to replace the grid textured scenes (although I will still keep them included). Along with Grid Array Studio I have also added a few more scenes to the Bonus Scenes folder, as well as a goal to add scenes to that folder per update. And lastly I ahve revamped the documentation of this kit to allow for a more helpful guide in getting this kit setup.  

Release Notes

Update 1.1

- Updated scenes - Added new Grid Array Studio Scene - Added more scenes to Bonus Scenes folder - Re-designed documentation   Credits: Thank you to KuhnIndustries for F-18 Jet model, Jay-Artist for the Van model, thecali for the spaceship, bryanajones for the drums, and The Pixel Lab for the Canon. The Buddha is a scan from Stanford Labs.

Studio Scene Kit PRO Documentation



To unzip in Windows/Linux all you need to do is download a program called 7zip at This archiving software will allow you to open the .7z file and use SSKP. If you are on a mac, there are many option available for your on the mac app store, but I recommend Keka on


Studio Scene Kit PRO was created to give you high quality lighting with almost no effort. All you need to do is simply delete the torus knot, and append/import/link your asset into the scene. Once your asset is imported into blender, you are ready to render. Because of the large volume of scenes, I have made image banners to help you find the correct scene for your asset. These image banners can be found in the Documentation folder, and will be named based on the folder of scenes they represent. For example, the Bonus Scenes banner will give you a preview of all the scenes in the Bonus Scenes folder. Each banner has a number located on the bottom left of the preview, all you need to do is look at the scene numbers (the first number in the scenes names) and match that number with the corresponding number on the banner. 

 Custom Scene Setups

Every scene contains a unique lighting setup, designed to give your models that visual edge. But you have the ability to change anything in the scene to fit your particular needs. Everything about the blender scenes are customizable; Lights, Cameras, Render settings, Dimensions, Light/Backdrop Colors, etc.   

Asset Models and HDR Images

Included in this kit are 7 asset models that you can use to create your own lighting setup from scratch. These models are an optional part of Studio Scene Kit PRO, they are not required to use this kit. You will also find 5 studio HDR images to get you started rendering with the HDRI scene. A guide on how to use the HDR scenes is provided with the included documentation.

Grid Array Studio

With update 1.1 came Grid Array Studio which allows you to create a custom lighting grid array. This scene is explained in the included documentation.

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