Starfield Skydome

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Starfield Skydome to create beautiful night scenes at once

This is a Starfield Environment ready to use for Blender Cycles World. This World Setup uses both,a high resolution Image and a procedural Sky Texture to achieve a photorealistic Background as well as a good Global illumination. The Starfield Image Map contains more than 2.4 Million Stars of the visible universe! By simply adjusting one Value you will get either a light filled Skydome, or an overwhelming amount of stars that even shows the structure of the milky way.

Scientific correct, High and Low Resolution Skydome

The Skydome Image Map is released from NASA Footage. It is therefore physically correct. And it it released for commercial Purposes! (The Terms of Use and Credits are given in the Documentation Section).

The Skydome comes with two preinstalled Sizes:

A high Resoution Texture Map with 16384x8192 Pixels, PNG Image,

and a low resolustion Texture Map with 8192x4096 Pixels, PNG Image.


Simple Node Setup

As shown in the Product Documentation, you can both tweak the appearance of the World Background, but also independent to this the Global illumination of the Scene. This gives you maximum control over the Scene.


A Sky full of Stars is beautifull. But a realistic moon with a nice halo shine is more than a top of it. So please also check out my photorealistic Moon with moon Phases Function in the Shader.

Get more informations here:

Moon with moon Phases




Credits of Scene usage of the Product Image Number two (Winterscape Image): Forest Model by nickbrunner.

For Loading the Starfield Skydome into your Scene, simply Choose "File --> Append", then choose "World", then choose either "Starfield_Skydome_High_Resolution_16384x8192" or "Starfield_Skydome_Low_Resolution_8192x4096". The high resolution Version may consume about 450MB of VRAM, the low resolution Version about 150MB. Please note that this is a World Shader, not a Material (For More Information of a World Shader please see the Blender Wiki ).

The Settings are as follows: 



I recommend to adjust the Sky Texture first. Therefor you can set the Value "Blend Stars into Sky" to Zero. After Setting the Sky Texture and its Lighting Strength,

Set "Blend Stars into Sky" to 1. Then tweak everything of the appearance of the Stars. Finally, Set "Blend Stars into Sky" to a value higher than 0.8.


This Documentation is also packed into the Product file. It also can be downloaded here:





    Credit annoucement of NASA regarding the commercial use of the Starfield:

"In general, our material is not copyrighted.  There are certain exceptions for the use of the NASA logo, the likenesses of people, and maybe the music we sometimes add, but none of those things apply in this case. We request, but do not require, a credit, and the credit can simply be 'Skymap by NASA Scientific Visualization Studio' "

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  • Le Clue 3 months ago

    This was one of the first assets that I have bought for Blender and it has not disappoint. Each time I play with it, I discover something new. It will most definitely help to create the looks that I am going for as well as help to speed things up. Much appreciated!

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