Soldier Helmet

by Albin BKB in Models

3D Soldier Helmet

this helmet is an icon for all the 3d creations dealing with the military sector. Made for production, you can use the style that suits you by hiding some accessories (with or without the net and the Velcro strips or without headphones).

The Quality you need.

First of all, this model was based on a 3d scan of the real product to provide you the best quality in terms of proportions. The entire model was retopologized and customized with its accessories relying on references and actual products.

This is a high poly model wich can be used in any purpose.

included :

  • High poly Helmet
  • up to 4K Textures
  • 360 image based lighting


This is model based on the actual helmet used in different army. To respect the real proportions and the real curvature of this headset, I use photogrammetry and retopologized it. All the parts are modeled and shaded in a way to optimize the render time and the use of it in a production Workflow.

Ready to render with all 4k textures created in substance-painter. This model is waiting to be included in your projects.

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  • santerho over 1 year ago

    Talk about bang for the buck! This surely is it.

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