Connecting modular assets in a snap

Snap! Is an add-on that lets you define snap-points on objects and provides an easy-to-use, interactive way of snapping objects together.

Snapping an object to another object will position it at the chosen snap-point and align the object in such a way that the object's orientation matches that of the snap-point on the other object.

This makes it possible to add sensible snap-points to objects in a modular asset pack for example. If later this collection of objects is appended to your scene, you can easily position and align them together.


Snap! is available in two versions:


The full add-on and manual. Let's you add snap-points to any object and provides easy snapping options. No restrictions for personal use.


This version is for creators of reusable asset packs that want to enhance their assets with snap-points and distribute the Snap! add-on along with their product.

The add-on itself is identical to the one in the Personal edition, but you may bundle the add-on and its manual along with your product.

There are no recurring fees: you just pay for the Redistributable license once, an then bundle it as often with your asset bundles as you like. A Redistributable license is not transferable: If you bundle Snap! with your asset pack, your customer (who receives the add-on along with your product) receives a Personal license.

Note from the creator on the licenses

There are no technical limitations, so there is nothing that will prevent you from copying the add-on. But I spent quite a lot of time on developing and testing this add-on, so I trust that a fellow artist/creator who creates for example a great modular asset pack and wants to bundle the Snap! add-on with their asset pack, will honor my trust and buy a redistributable license.

Its price is reasonable I think, and it's one time only, no matter how many copies of your own product you sell, because I don't believe in recurring fees or subscriptions: If you create something that sells hundreds of copies, and Snap! helps a little bit in making your product even more awesome, I am happy for you :-)



In the downloadable resources your will also find a .blend file with a collection of assets that are already configured with snap-points.

This will make getting familiar with the add-on a bit easier.Those assets are the same ones used in the demo videos and screenshots, and are based on the original asset pack by Jorge Camacho, available under a CC0 license on PolyHaven.

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Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
License GPL
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