Simply Concept

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Simply Concept 

With Simply Concept, you can quickly and easily concept your idea. There are primitive objects to choose from as well as your own created model you can directly integrate into the conception and adjust the resolution of the level of detail (performance).

The cool thing about Simply Concept is that complex shapes merge in real time and you can already see the shading of the crossing parts. This makes designing easier. You can change any primitive at any time as long as you haven't confirmed your concept. So you can make changes at any time.

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Why the addon is helpful

The addon helps to quickly create a concept in 3D with a few clicks and primitive objects. It saves time and you don't have to worry about the topology. The concept mesh is remeshed after production and can be used for further modifications, retopology or sculpt.

Current case

To set up such a setup, you need minimal knowledge of geometry nodes and good internal Blender experience. Additional setup of modifiers for proper display and remesh.

Optimal case

With the addon, however, it only takes one click and you're ready to go!

Know issues: Geo nodes are still somewhat in early development by the blender foundation and you may see some unwanted results like geo not appearing after mirroring for example. In this case this could be fixed with changing the smoothing factor or switching back and forth from edit to object mode. 

This is solely a refresh issue from the geo node and is not a addon bug


Do you have problems with the product? Go here: I have a simply problem! Help me!

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