Sculpto Addon For Blender

by Max Derksen in Scripts and Addons

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  • Michael Falcony 8 months ago

    Hello there, I have been using this add-on for a month already and i really liked it, being able to rotate the camera with the tip of my pen feels nice just like Zbrush. Although there is a lot of room for improvement as long as the developer of this tool don't stop it could add some other quality of life features like the Alt+Left click to select another "subtool/item in the outliner" without having to switch from Sculpt mode to Object mode then vise-versa to continue sculpting on another mesh, that's such a bothersome in blender when you have a lot of items in your scene.

  • Robert Ferenczi 9 months ago

    It doesn't set zbrush style navigation for you. The only thing it does to rotate the viewport when left click in the nothing and it's the end of the story. But, for example the ctr+left click zoom doesn't work (it's in the addons preferences...). All the advanced (sculpt independent) right click zbrush navigation is missing!!!! The only valuable feature is the brush size and strenght, but it's also instable (depending on some blender UI settings, still not clear which ones)
    I aked before buy about the right click functionalities and the seller lied that it will be ok... but it's not! One of his previous addons also was problematic...Avoid this seller and buying this!

    • Max Derksen 9 months ago

      Yes, you are right, the addon implements the main feature with the camera rotation. But I don't agree with the rest. Moreover, after all the insults in personal messages, I continue to treat you as a full-fledged user.

  • Hedrus 10 months ago

    Great addon. I love the navigation. I am a newer Blender user and I am trying to make it a hybrid of 3d modeling and Zbrush so this is exactly what I was looking for.

    • Max Derksen 10 months ago

      Thank you) I use zbrush myself and decided to try sculpting in a blender. Navigation in 3D viewer was the first thing that confused me. And of course the constant change of the brush size through the context menu, this is a very long time. This addon is just an attempt to improve the use of the sculpture mod

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