Scifi Crate Design In Blender - Remastered

On Sale! by BlenderBros in Training

Course flow is as follows:

1) Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling (this is optional if you’re familiar with the basic toolset) 

2) Crate_01_Videos.rar 

3) Crate_02_Videos.rar 

4) Bonus Videos 

5) There is a folder titled “Course Resources” containing the .blend project files for both crates, final renders and .psd file for the photoshop bonus video (Photoshop vide is included in the "Bonus Videos" .rar.  

There are solely for your own interest and aren’t necessary to access.

NOTE: We have added 1 video post launch, titled Crate-2-Part 24a- Fine Details Part 13a -Front-Window-Pipes-and-Insets. It is uploaded as separate .rar and it covers a small part of Crate 2 modleling process that was missing from the course. If you got stuck on that part, then simply download the video!