Room Assets Pack

by MagicCGIStudios in Models


Enhance the look of your Arch-Viz project - the easy way!

Included with this Pack :

1 Bookcase  (with 31 DVD`s & 69 Books)

1 Sideboard Unit

1 Table Lamp

1 Table

4 Chairs

4 Sets of Dinnerware items ( Plates, Mugs Knives, Forks & Spoons)

1 Small Table Plant

1 Sideboard Plant

1 Large Floor Plant

2 Framed Pictures (Glass included)

1 Tiled Floor Plane (Optional addition for your scene)

2 Plug Sockets  ( UK 3 Pin )

The Bookcase and all Books/DVD`s are separate objects so you can easily adjust the look or arrangement, they are grouped for your convenience so can all be moved together

The Table, Chairs and all the Dinnerware Set are also separate objects and as above are grouped for your convenience

To select a Group of objects is easy..........just select one object, press SHIFT G....... select Group from the drop-down and there you go,...... all objects assigned to the group will be selected

Scale and rotation applied to approximately real world scale metric  (adjustable of course)

All modifiers applied

Please read the Documentation provided

Hopefully, you will find this pack a massive time saver!

If you decide to purchase this pack I thank you in advance and also you will be contributing to the Blender Development Fund