Roof And Wall Shader & Texture Pack

by CG Cookie in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Ready to Use Shaders and Textures

CG Cookie has partnered with to bring you some of the best tile-able textures around. This roof and wall shader & texture pack includes 50 textures, ready to drop right into your project. Each texture includes all the necessary maps to create stunning architectural roof and wall surfaces like shingles, industrial metallic patterns, wood crating, victorian wallpaper, and many more. Included Texture Maps: Diffuse color, Gloss map, Height map, Normal map (including standard and inverted Y), and of course a Specular map.

Custom Materials per Texture

Each texture includes a fine-tuned material specific to that texture, which is ready to use. To use the material in your project, simply append/link the material into your scene and then assign it to your object.

Advanced Shader Node Group for Customization

Would you like to tweak the included materials or create your own? All of the bundled materials are based on an advanced node shader, built by Kent Trammell. This node group shader can be customized to your heart’s content, making it very easy to adjust the shader to your specific needs.