Rigged Female Foot

by arzvel in Models

Rigged Stylized Foot

The mesh, as the hand model, is clean, light and friendly to any adjustments you need. It has a special treatment in the ankle area to give the best bending posible with lesser polygonal density.

The fingernails are just insinuated via crease edges, simple, well modeled and carefully placed.

Its shape is given by 425 Polygons, Quads only and all the demos showed are supported by only one level of the Subdivision Surface Modifier.

The Rig also supports many positions and its edition is also easy to handle. (Just make sure that the joints in the fingers are in placed in the very center of the original edge loop to get the proper bending).

The file has already 5 poses in the library for you to work in, and it is already Unwrapped.

I owe blender my main income, and it is a great feeling to finally pay something back with each sell of this product. Hope you to like it and thanks for passing by.

Stay Safe! Saludos!