Realistic City Asset Pack.

by NewHD Quality in Models

Realistic City Asset Pack.

50 Realistic Buildings.

This set has lots of realistic buildings. 50 buildings everything Cycles and Eevee working and pbr mat created by principled bsdf shader using.

Four City Vehicle

Two buses and one police car and a delivery truck.

Four City Trees

This set has four trees. Two dead trees and two leaf trees.

PBR I Think.

Principled BSDF Shader Used All Models.

29 Street Assets.

This set has traffic lights, poster, garbage, street light, phone booth, leaves, papers. And More....

87 Objects.Only 15$ Limited Sale 50.


Pure-Sky is a procedural world, which makes it possible to generate a realistic sky. The sun, clouds, stars, rainbow and volumetric lights, everything is there to create incredible scenes. You can get it here: