by Alexander in Scripts and Addons

Randomizer - is an add-on for Blender, that lets you easily set properties for many objects at one time.

What for?

Imagine, you need to rotate or scale a lot of objects, set parameters for modifiers, materials. Manually this will take a long time, but using Randomizer you can do it faster.

How to use it?

You can change properties for objects of 2 different sources: Selected objects and objects of a Group. If the source is set to Selected, then select all the objects those parameters you wanna change. If the source is set to Group, select a Group in add-on's Group source field. Be sure that all of the objects have the property you need, otherwise, objects which don't have that property won't be changed. Select one object as active (which definitely has the property you need), press RMB on the property you need, and select Copy Data Path:Then put the cursor into the input field of the add-on and paste copied property there. If the property is correct and active object has it, you will see that something appeared on the lower layout of the add-on (depends on what mode, Constant or Random you have set in the add-on's parameters and on what type the property has, whether it's Integer, Float, Vector, etc). If the property is incorrect or unsupported or active object doesn't have it, you will see "Property is incorrect!" or "Unsupported property!": If everything is alright, you will be able to set the value (Value, if the mode is Constant) or 2 values (Min and Max, if the mode is Random), then just press RANDOMIZE: 

Which properties are supported?

Currently, the add-on supports such types of properties as Integer, Float, Vector of Floats, Boolean, Euler, Quaternion, Object and Color (RGBA).
But even if the property is of a specified type, not all the properties are supported. Such types of property conflicts can take place:

  • The type of the property is supported, but the property by itself isn't supported (then you will see "Property is incorrect!")
  • The type of the property is not supported (you will see "Unsupported property!")
  • Property is supported, but the way how it's written is incorrect. For example: rotation_euler[5], scale.a, locacion. Euler rotation is a Vector of size 3, so it doesn't have element with index 5. Elements of Scale can be accessed just through x, y or z, not a, etc

Which sources can be used?

  • Selected objects - property will be changed for all the selected objects (if any of the selected objects doesn't have property, then the object will be skipped)
  • Group - property will be changed for all the objects of a specified group(if any of the objects of that group doesn't have property, then the object will be skipped)

Which modes can be used?

  • Constant - the property will be set to a constant value for all the objects of the source
  • Random - the property will be randomly set from Min and Max values for all the objects of the source (Boolean properties has only two values - True and False)

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