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  • Romuald Dubois about 1 month ago

    Cool addon, a lot of potential
    Great support

  • Ogier BADI 4 months ago

    do it !

  • Quota Sigma 4 months ago

    You can carve out default shapes with ease to turn it into something amazing, along with other addons, this is the icing on the cake of blender achievements.

  • [email protected] 4 months ago

    The Tool is very easy to The tool works very simple but efficient. good value for money

  • weckr 5 months ago

    ive send the guy a broad feature request and he implemented 80% of the functionality the very next day.
    i think this has immense potential as the way modeling with this works just fits my brain (2d artist primarily).
    always room for improvements of course and can get a bit fiddly, but for the price its great and i cant wait where it will be in a year, could be a concepting staple.

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