Quick Arch

by Lucky Kadam in Scripts and Addons

What is Quick Arch?

Ever modeled a building and wished for a button that will add a door? Or a button to add stairs or roof? We have got you covered.

Quick Arch is a blender add-on that provides such one button solutions to all architectural needs. Just select the wall face and click the button “Add Door”. Poof, you have a door with clean geometry and properly cut wall faces.

And we have got whole range of such operators :)

Why Quick Arch?

No learning curve - Approachable to beginner and advanced users alike.

One-Click is all it takes - Add complex components (door, window, etc) in just one click. Click your way to a complete building from ground up.

The way you like it - Each component comes with ample settings for extensive customization. Get greater control without compromising on speed.

Mix it up - Adopt incrementally, use only when you need it. Compatible with other tools in your Blender 2.80+ workflow.

Top Tier Support - Watch official tutorials on youtube channel. DM to get direct help from the Author.